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Study Links Fluoride to Lower IQ’s in Children After Birth

What would you think if I told you that there is poison in the tap water? If you’re like some, you might think that there is no way the government could allow that to happen. However, if you live in the United States it’s likely that you the water from your tap contains a type of neurotoxin called sodium fluoride. For decades, fluoride has been added to public water supplies for what some claim protects the health of our teeth, but is that really what it is doing? Study Links Fluoride to Lower IQ’s in Children After Birth In 2012, Harvard School of Public Health published a study on the impact that fluoride has on the neurological development of children. This study was largely ignored by the legacy media, but was also highly… Read More

6 ways to detox fluoride, a known neurotoxin, from your body

Sodium fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin – in the same category as arsenic, lead, and mercury, but it’s still prevalent in the United States’ water supply. Here are six ways to detox the substance from your body. By Amanda Froelich For years, health experts have been debating about whether or not sodium fluoride is toxic to the human body. Small amounts applied topically may prevent tooth decay, but there is little evidence suggesting that fluoride improves health when it is ingested. In fact, according to the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, the additive is actually a neurotoxin and is classified in the same category as arsenic, lead, and mercury. Because it is commonly ingested through fluoridated water, certain foods, and commercial toothpastes, researchers believe that the additive is contributing to a worldwide… Read More

Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

by Nick Meyer | December 20, 2015  Photo via Thanks to Nick Meyer and AltHeathworks for a useful article with good links.  The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive from several sources.Now, a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin — in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury. The news was broken by author Stefan Smyle, who cited a report published in The Lancet Neurology, Volume 13, Issue 3, in the March 2014 edition, by authors Dr. Phillippe Grandjean and Philip J. Landrigan, MD. The report, which was officially released in 2014 and published in the journal, can be viewed by clicking here. Fluoride Classified Along with Mercury, Lead and Others As noted in the… Read More

Fluoride: Poison On Tap – Full Documentary

Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, China and more countries have banned fluoride. How did fluoride get approved for use in the United States and what are the health effects? Learn everything you need to know about fluoride and what you can do. Click “show more” to learn more about fluoride. Related articles This October The World Will Change: “China Is Preparing For Something Big” The Middle Class In Canada Is Now Doing Better Than The Middle Class In America Who’s Tripping up the Designs of the Global Corporatocracy? Sweden Runs Out Of Garbage: Only 1% Ends Up In Landfills Denmark Just Produced 140% of Its Electricity Needs via Wind Power USDA Admits Exterminating… Read More

Fluoride in Drinking Water Tied to Higher Rates of Underactive Thyroid

  A British study finds a correlation between the amount of fluoride in public drinking water and a rise in incidence of underactive thyroid. While the study is only able to establish an association, not cause-and-effect, experts say the link deserves serious investigation. “Clinicians in the United States should emphasize to patients this association and should test patients for underactive thyroid,” said Dr. Spyros Mezitis, an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “Patients should probably be advised to drink less fluoridated water and consume less fluoridated products, including [fluoridated]toothpaste,” added Mezitis, who was not involved in the study. But a representative of the American Dental Association took issue with the British report. “Public health policy is built on a strong base of scientific evidence, not a single study,” said… Read More

Why is Fluoride added to city tap water?

Fluoride, or Hydrofluorosilic acid (H 2 SiF 6 ), is not naturally occurring but is a waste by-product derived from the industrial manufacture of aluminium, zinc, uranium, aerosols, insecticides, fertilizers, plastics, lubricants and pharmaceuticals. It is also a Part II Poison under the UK Poisons Act 1972 ranking in toxicity above lead and just below arsenic. Fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in both PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUoride). American toothpastes containing fluoride are by law obliged to state, ‘”WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.” Links: Flouride damages reproductive system of rats:… Molecular Mechanisms of Fluoride Toxicity:… Genotoxic effects of… Read More

Dallas, Texas Considers Ending Over 50 Years of Water Fluoridation

Anti water fluoridation advocates are closer to success in the removal of fluoride from the water supply in Dallas, Texas. The ban would come after five decades of water fluoridation, but more and more people around the world have been gathering to put a stop to the practice over the last few years. “We don’t need it and we’d just save a million dollars that we can use for something else. We’re looking into seeing what we can do immediately so we can get those funds up from now.” – Sheffie Kadane, Dallas City Council Member “Yeah, this is major big. I knew we would prevail. It only makes sense. We’re spending too much money on an ineffective program.” –  Scott Griggs, Dallas City Council Member Activists have continually showed up to city council meetings, providing evidence… Read More

1995: A Brief Account of the Fluoridation And Hip Fracture Problem

by John R. Lee, M.D.* June 30, 1995 The costs and health effects of osteoporotic fractures in the US are enormous. A study by the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, U. of Iowa, recently calculated that the life time risk of any fracture of the hip, spine or distal forearm is almost 40% in white women and 13% of men from age 50 years onward. Hip fractures account for 67-79% of fracture-related dependent functioning, 87-100% of fracture-related nursing home placements, and 87-96% of short-term fracture costs. 1 The total cost of fracture care is now about $9 billion/year. It is estimated that about 350,000 hip fractures occur per year and the incidence is rising.   In an effort to treat osteoporosis and prevent hip fracture, four US studies have examined… Read More

The Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid

By Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield MBBS LRCP MRCS Medical Advisor to Thyroid UK There is a daunting amount of research studies showing that the widely acclaimed benefits on fluoride dental health are more imagined than real. My main concern however, is the effect of sustained fluoride intake on general health. Again, there is a huge body of research literature on this subject, freely available and in the public domain. But this body of work was not considered by the York Review when their remit was changed from “Studies of the effects of fluoride on health” to “Studies on the effects of fluoridated water on health.” It is clearly evident that it was not considered by the BMA (Britsh Medical Association), British Dental Association (BDA), BFS (British Fluoridation Society) and FPHM, (Faculty for Public… Read More

Fluoride: Miracle or Genicide

Good day and lets take another ride on Lifes preverted roller coaster. This coaster is named FLUORIDE. Much has been said about the good and the bad of fluoride, and like anything else, it has good qualities (dental) and many bad. POISION qualities. So first lets run over to Wikipedia and see what it has to say about Fluoride. If you already know, skip down a few links, and we will talk so more. Fluoride Fluoride is the anion F−, the reduced form of fluorine when as an ion and when bonded to another element. Inorganic fluorine containing …   Water fluoridation fluoridation Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay .- water has fluoride at a level … Water fluoridation… Read More