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Antibiotics for dental procedures linked to serious and potentially deadly infection

The overuse of antibiotics is already at an alarming level – worldwide. It is resulting in the creation of pathogens called “superbugs” – that are resistant to many antibiotics prescribed today; killing off friendly bacteria in the gut and weakening the overall strength of the immune system. Now, new evidence is showing that the prescription of antibiotics by dentists is contributing to the spread of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) – a potentially deadly infection. And all too often, say researchers, these antibiotics are prescribed needlessly. The evidence for this public health issue was just presented at IDWeek 2017. Overprescription of antibiotics cause unwanted health outcomes The symptoms of C. diff infection include severe diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has been tracking the spread of community-associated C.… Read More

The Trade Secrets Behind Store-bought “Fresh Squeezed” or “Not From Concentrate” Orange Juice

You’ve seen them and maybe you’ve bought them, cartons and plastic bottles of orange juice labeled “freshly squeezed.” But there are some relatively unknown trade secrets that will question the validity of these marketing claims for orange juice. “Freshly squeezed” does not mean they are not highly processed. Let’s start with the obvious. Almost all juices, including orange juice, are pasteurized. That’s an FDA requirement to ensure we don’t get the bugs that cause gastrointestinal (GI) diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella. Pasteurization involves heating, and heating harms nutrients, especially enzymes. Enzymes are vital as metabolic catalysts. They help vitamins and minerals function as nature intended. Thus they are often more important than the vitamins and minerals themselves. When they don’t get properly metabolized they can wind up as toxic materials… Read More

If You Eat Ginger Everyday For 1 Month This Is What Happens To Your Body

Ginger originated from China, but now it has spread worldwide and its popularity is growing. The common use of its root is as a spice, however, because of its healing effects, many people utilize it for medicinal purposes. Here are highlighted some of the effects that it has on the human body: 1.Fights cancer cells The doctors at the UMCCC (University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center) found that the ginger is able to destroy ovarian cancer cells in a speed that is higher and safer compared with the platinum-based chemotherapy. According to the reports, the people who ingest ginger rhizomes have lower levels of an intestine and colon inflammation, thus reducing the risk of getting colon cancer. 2.Reduces inflammation The compound gingerol in the ginger makes it a beneficial tool in combating… Read More

How I Overcame Anxiety And Found Spiritual Fulfillment Through Ayahuasca

Sing me home. I would like to share a few highlights of my recent week long ayahuasca retreat. It is in no way a complete accounting of the experiences but I felt that these particular ones may be of interest to others. It was the most powerful, terrifying, unspeakably beautiful, and ultimately transforming experience of my life without any close comparison. I am an electrical engineer in my mid 50s who has been in a long and seemingly fruitless search for spiritual fulfillment. Starting from a Catholic background, I went through a range of meditations, varied religions, reading channeled material, sacred geometry, attempting altered states, yoga, etc. Pretty much throw a dart at a pathway, and I have done some hiking there. In my state of general discontentment, I even quit my… Read More

Soaking Feet in Ice-Cold Water for 15 Seconds/Day Can Reinforce Immune System to Fight Colds, Flu and Even Prevent Cancer

If you frequently suffer from colds, you need to do something to strengthen your immune system. Sergei Bubnovsky is a professor from Moscow who has an innovating new technique that can help you improve your immunity and overall health. According to the professor, soaking your legs in an ice-cold bath for 10-15 seconds after coming home from work can reinforce your immune system and prepare it for the fight against colds, flu and even prevent cancer! Also, a study from England found that taking daily cold showers increased the numbers of disease-fighting white blood cells (compared to people who took hot showers). The investigators at Britain’s Thrombosis Research Institute suggested that as the body tries to warm itself during and after a cold shower, metabolic rate speeds up and activates the immune… Read More

Why Cheese Is More Addictive Than Ice Cream, Cookies, Chips And Chocolate

The following is an excerpt from The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy, which was released by Hachette Book Group. Which foods do you find most addictive? That’s the question University of Michigan researchers asked. The idea was, which foods lead you to lose control over how much you eat? Which ones are hard to limit? Which ones do you eat despite negative consequences? The researchers surveyed 384 people and here is what they found: Problem food #5 is ice cream. Problem food #4 is cookies. Chips and chocolate were tied for #3 and #2. But the most problematic food of all was — drum roll, please — pizza. Yes, gooey cheese melting over a hot crust and dribbling down your… Read More

How Natural Medicine was Destroyed in 1910

The Move that Changed the Health and Wellbeing Industry I am now 68 and over the years I have relied upon alternative medical solutions for almost all my health problems. A change in diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals and lots of exercise ended up being almost all the medicine I ever needed! In 2010, when I was 61, I cured myself of arthritis with vitamins and minerals alone. I had suffered since I was in my 20s. My doctors said arthritis was not curable, but Western medicine was wrong about arthritis. After that simple cure, I quit suffering, became skeptical, and started to research the history of medicine in North America. What I discovered is astonishing! From a young age, I was fascinated by medical technology. When I was about 7 years old,… Read More

This Is What Happens With Your Lungs And Air When You Diffuse Essential Oils

People who use aromatherapy know that essential oils are an important part because they improve our mood and brain function. Also, these oils purify the air, give off a beautiful smell, and breathing in their vapors provides great health benefits. Spreading out essential oils makes you inhale their molecules, and the nerves send signals to the brain to stimulate specific systems in the body. The nerves that send signals are located in the nasal cavity, so breathing in the essential oils is the best way to gain their benefits. Below we offer you a list of reasons why you should use essential oils in your home. 1. They Purify the Air When you use essential oils in your home, you purify the air because they raise the levels of oxygen, kill off… Read More

Palmolive Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals — 6 Brands You Should Avoid

For those without automatic dishwashers, we resort to the tried and true method of water, a sponge, dish soap, and a little elbow grease. Although these soaps make our dishes look clean, they can be filled with toxic ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. Every house contains at least one type of dish soap we use every day. However, most of these products are full of harmful chemicals that can put your health at risk and increase the risk of several diseases and conditions. Some dish soaps contain too much fragrance, while others are rich in formaldehyde, silicate salts, sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfate. All these compounds are highly dangerous and have been related to several serious diseases. What are the Dangers of Palmolive? Palmolive is one such brand you should… Read More

New Research Confirms Cannabis Kills Brain Cancer, NOT Your Brain

Some might think that it’s too good to be true. Does cannabis really kill brain cancer cells? Clinical trials on humans are awaiting results, but recent research gives hope. Scientists have been testing THC as a natural tumor-killer for nearly two decades. Their findings will take you by surprise. Cannabis and brain cancer A group of Spanish researchers has been searching for cannabis-based cancer treatments for nearly two decades. The team is from the Complutense University of Madrid. Thus far, some of their experiments have been nothing short of miraculous. The team, lead by Professors Guillermo Velasco and Manuel Guzman, are testing cannabinoid treatment’s ability to kill glioma cells. Gliomas make up 80% of all malignant brain cancers. In fact, it’s one of the most aggressive forms of cancer out there. Once… Read More