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Soothing Winter Tea

Print Soothing Winter Tea Author: Cougar Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   This is great when you have a fever, the flu or a cold. Ingredients Ingredients: ¼ inch piece fresh ginger root, peeled and chopped ¼ cup dried chamomile flowers ½ cup fresh mint leaves 1 teaspoon fennel seed lemon juice, honey (optional) red cayenne pepper or other hot pepper Instructions In a glass or ceramic pan add all the ingredients. Cover with 2 quarts water. Bring to a boil and simmer covered for 30 minutes. Strain a cup at a time throughout the day. Add a little lemon and honey to the cup and drink slowly. If it’s too strong for your taste, add more boiling water. You can drink 2-3 cups a day, or smaller ½ cups as needed. 3.2.2089 Pepperoni Cheese… Read More

Respiratory Tonic Tea

Print Respiratory Tonic Tea Author: Cougar Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   This blend is an effective and tasty tea for building strong, healthy lungs. It is especially helpful for children that have reoccurring respiratory problems such as colds, flu, hay fever, asthma, ear infections, and general congestion. Used over a period of time, it will aid in creating a healthy respiratory system. Ingredients 1 part Red Clover fl. 1 part Mullein 1 part Coltsfoot 2 parts Lemon Grass 4 parts Rosehips 4 parts Fennel 1 part Calendula 3.2.2089 Polluted Paris Forces Half Of The Cars Off The Road FINDINGS upon EXAMINATION and AUTOPSY of the BODY Hundreds of Thousands Support Standards to Ensure a Healthy Low-Carbon Future In Ulan Bator, winter stoves fuel a smog responsible for one in 10 deaths 25 Critical Facts… Read More

High Calcium Tea

Print High Calcium Tea Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   An excellent blend of herbs that adds high quality bio?chelated calcium and other important minerals to the diet. Good for children before and during teething, and during growth spurts. This is an excellent tea to administer if there is any bone or musculature injury. Ingredients 1 part Nettle 1 part Oatstraw 1 part Raspberry lf. 2 parts Lemon Grass 2 parts Spearmint and/or Peppermint 3 parts Rosehips 6 parts Fennel seed ½ part Cinnamon Optional: ⅛ part Stevia (sweet herb) 3.1.09 Related articles Perfect Chicken Salad Historic: New York Times Calls for Marijuana Legalization Nettle Tea Bill Clinton: There Is ‘A Lot of Evidence’ for Legalizing Marijuana

High C Tea

Print High C Tea Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   A wonderfully refreshing blend, High C Tea provides the bioflavinoids and vitamin C in an organic, naturally bio?chelated base so that all the nutrients are readily available for assimilation. We are so used to seeing ridiculously high dosages of vitamins and minerals and are taught to think these high numbers mean more efficiency. In fact, our bodies are better able to assimilate vitamins and minerals in the dosages and balanced formulas that nature has provided for centuries. Ingredients ½ part Cinnamon chips 2 parts Lemon Grass 1 parts Hibiscus 1 part Nettle 4 part Rosehips ⅛ part Orange peel 1 part Spearmint Optional: ⅛ part Stevia (sweet herb) 3.1.09 Related articles 6 Things Healthy & Happy People Do Every Day Nettle Tea

Great Nutritional Drink Recipe

Print Great Nutritional Drink Recipe Recipe type: Drinks For: Beverages   This helps in many ways. It is known as a natural blood purifier and can help those who have any type of arthritis, gout, etc. This was shared with me by a family member who truly says it works in many ways to ease the soreness, pain and in general makes one feel better. Ingredients 64 oz. of Apple Juice 40 oz. of Grape Juice 8 oz. of Vinegar Instructions Just mix the above together and store in your refrigerator. Drink 8 oz. daily. This is a great nutritional drink for every one. 3.1.09 Related articles Channeling The Powers Of Nature: An Interview With A Naturopath New Device from Amazon Allows You to Steam TV Google & Microsoft Hire Hackers To Identify Software… Read More

Fever Reducer Tea

Print Fever Reducer Tea Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   The following tea administered every ½ hour in small dosages is excellent for lowering fever: Ingredients 2 parts Catnip 2 parts Elder 1 part Peppermint 1 part Echinacea root Instructions Steep 1 teaspoon of the mixture in 1 cup boiled water for one hour. Administer every ½ hour. 3.1.09 Related articles Nettle Tea 10 Reasons Why the Tea Party is So Unpopular 5 Ways the Shutdown Is Killing Republicans Politically How Christian Delusions Are Driving the GOP Insane

Calming Relaxing Tea

Print Calming/Relaxing Tea Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   This blend is especially useful for calming a fussy child. It is gently soothing and can be used over a period of time as a tonic for the nervous system. This blend is also helpful during crisis such as colic, fevers, teething, and other stressful situations. Ingredients 1 part Oatstraw ½ part Catnip 1 part Licorice root 1 part Slippery Elm bk. 1 part Rose petals 2 part Chamomile 2 part Linden Flowers 2 part Spearmint or Peppermint Optional: ⅛ part Stevia (sweet herb) 3.2.2885 Related articles 10 Reasons Why the Tea Party is So Unpopular 5 Ways the Shutdown Is Killing Republicans Politically How Christian Delusions Are Driving the GOP Insane

Horehound Cough Drops

Print Horehound Cough Drops Recipe type: Cough Syrup For: First Aid Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  25 mins Total time:  35 mins   Ingredients 4 handsful fresh or frozen horehound leaves or 2 handsful dried leaves ½ teaspoon crushed aniseed, fennel seeds or licorice root tea 3 crushed cardamom seeds 12 ounces granulated sugar 12 ounces brown sugar 1 pint water 1 bowl ice cold water Instructions Place the herbs in a pint of simmering water for 20 minutes on low heat. Strain the liquid into a small bowl, pressing the herbs to express all the “juice.” Return the liquid to the pan, adding both sugars. Over a medium flame, boil until the sugar is dissolved. To make the drops: drop ½ teaspoon of the mixture, which should be a syrup, into the… Read More


  Print Abrasions Recipe type: Herbs / Plants / Oils For: First Aid   Ingredients 5 drops (plus 1) lavender Instructions Clean Abrasion well with 5 drops lavender diluted in a small bowl of warm water. Then apply one drop undiluted lavender directly from bottle and leave to heal. 3.2.2885 Related articles New Study Finds 88 Percent of Earth’s Ocean Surface Now Polluted With Plastic Trash 2014: 16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse Exclusive: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance Ceremonies

2012: Bubbling Crude

by Susan Maple Henry Ford believed that some day he would “grow automobiles from the soil,” and he also believed that they would be fuelled from plants. He achieved his goal. Popular Mechanics featured Ford’s car in its December 1941 issue. Made of hemp, sisal, wheat straw and resin, the car was ten times stronger than steel. There is an old video clip of the car on the Internet. The car drives up, someone pounds it with a hatchet, and then polishes it to demonstrate there is no damage. Three times, from 1800 to 1937, alcohol was either the prominent fuel, or threatened to take over as the main fuel. Heavy “corporate footprints” stepped in and taxed or prohibited alcohol, because anyone could make alcohol out of whatever plant material was available.… Read More