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2005: Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers-sequence interpretation is an easy way to receive messages from your angels. Numerals are everywhere, from digital clocks to billboards to license plates. Each Angel Numbers has a unique vibrational frequency relating directly to its meaning. This ancient wisdom harkens back to great teachers such as Hermes, Plato, and Pythagoras. Pythagoras said that everything in the Universe is mathematically precise, and each number has its own vibration, meaning, and virtue. Plato wrote everything in the Universe is built from basic geometrical shapes derived from numbers, such as triangles (from three) and cubes (from four). The sacred mystical Jewish text of the Zohar (Kabbalah) discusses the power of the vibrations from numbers and letters. The angels also say that the placement of the numbers in a sequence holds special meaning. For example,… Read More

2006: Angels Around and Among Us

by Patricia Lite Hickman Everyday we hear about someone or many, who commit acts of violence or other evil onto someone else. We must remember always, in spite of what we hear there are GOOD people in the world, they are Angels among us. I believe the world has many “Angels in Training”. Wonderful, spiritual people who are Light Workers even if they are not aware they are light workers. On the Spiritual level, we know that there are Angels or Spirit Guides ready, willing and able to assist us in our lives and on our spiritual path. Excerpt: From the book: “Common Sense For The Soul”, “Guidelines for Life A – Z” by Patricia Lite Hickman, Chapter A Catholics and some other religions believe in Angels, other religions and beliefs call… Read More

Angels in Dream, Myth, Literature and History

by Brian Alan Burhoe Angel in both Hebrew (mal’ak) and Greek, means “Messenger.” And Angels appear in every worldwide Culture, with their messages… When Jacob, in his dream of the Ladder (his Ladder was a symbol of the Tree of Life), wrestled with the Angel, he was involved in an archetypal battle with his inner self. When Mary dreamed of an Angel, it was to be given a history-shaping message. For those of us interested in Medieval Christian Mysticism, the Biblical presentation has a power that is mythical in origin and psychologically revalatory in its potential. Ellen G White, in “Who Are the Angels?” wrote: “The connection of the visible with the invisible world, the ministration of angels of God, and the agency of evil spirits, are plainly revealed in the Scriptures,… Read More

Angel Light Initiation

Angel Light is a form of healing that is available to anyone. All one needs to do is ask and it will be given. This healing works by bringing in LIGHT to transmute darkness and negativity which can cause dis-ease. It also balances the chakra or energy centers. In order to receive this healing ability, a small ceremony is done. Choose a peaceful place where you will not be interrupted. Wear white clothing from head to foot and prepare a small altar in the center of the room. Cover this altar with a white towel or cloth. Fill a bowl with drinking water and light a white candle and place these items on the altar. Kneel upright in front of the altar. Center yourself and open your heart center as much as… Read More

Invocation of Angels

This, the first in the series of work, has been taken from the Essene Gospels of Peace translated and edited by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, published by The International Biogenic Society.  The books are: #2 The Unknown Books of the Essenes #3 Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood #4 The Teachings of the Elect The Essenes were the mystical or spiritual branch of early Christianity.  They were the holders of Arcane Truths.  As they passed out of existence around 200 AD due to Roman persecution, we lost the only direct way to connect to the adjoining realms in which we live in.  In truth, we became separated from the rest of the true universe at this time. It might be worthwhile at this time to add that the Essenes attempted a return in… Read More

Dr. Miriam Lee’s Bean Soup Treatment for Cancer

Print Dr. Miriam Lee’s Bean Soup Treatment for Cancer Author: Cougar Recipe type: Cancer For: Natural Cures   Ingredients 10 tblsp. Brown rice 1 Tblsp.Black beans Pinto Beans 1 tblsp Corn or cornmeal 1 Tblsp Azuki Beans 1 tblsp Barley 1 Tblsp Pine Nuts 1 tblsp Millet 1 Tblsp Mung Beans 1 tblsp Buckwheat 1 Tblsp Split peas 1 tblsp Oats 1 Tblsp Soya beans 1 tblsp Peanuts (nip removed) 1 Tblsp Chinese Herbs Chinese Herbs:A dd 12 grams of each of the following: Qian-shi (Euryale seed also called Foxnut), Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogon root), Bai Guo (Ginkgo seed) with the skin removed (this is the most difficult to obtain and can be omitted), Bai He (Tiger lily bulb), Lian Zi (Lotus seed), Shan yao (Dioscorea batatas), Fu Ling (poria cocos). Instructions Simmer the entire… Read More

Cholesterol-Buster Shake

Print Cholesterol-Buster Shake Recipe type: Drinks For: Beverages Serves: 2   Ingredients 1½ cups low-fat vanilla soy milk ½ cup omega-3 enriched orange juice 1 tablespoon almond butter 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed 1 cup sliced frozen strawberries 1 cup frozen papaya 1 tablespoon honey Instructions Garnish: chopped almonds sprinkled on top and a whole, fresh strawberry on the side of each glass. Nutrition Information Serving size: 1 Calories: 341 Fat: 8.6 g Saturated fat: 1.4 g Carbohydrates: 57 g Sodium: 155 mg Fiber: 4.9 g Protein: 12 g Cholesterol: 11 mg 3.1.09 Related articles Chamomile Cooler Watermelon Mint Smoothie Watermelon Jelly Why Not Now? Stop Putting Off The Thing That Can Bring You Peace Reading, Writing, and …Toxic Pesticides? 2009: July Sightings 1994: Unknown Date Sightings Related articles

Zesty Lemon Detox Tea

Print Zesty Lemon Detox Tea Author: Cougar Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages Serves: 1   This recipe was designed as a cleansing tea to stimulate processing of excess fats in the body, rev up circulation, and provide essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – a perfect blend of nutrients. Ingredients Enough freshly-boiled water to fill your teacup or mug 1 tablespoon real maple syrup Freshly-squeezed juice of half a lemon Cayenne pepper to taste Instructions Simply stir ingredients together in your mug or cup. Be careful with the cayenne: a little goes a long way. 3.2.2089 Related articles Chamomile Spice Tea Rose Petal Iced Tea Tsalagi Stew How Christian Delusions Are Driving the GOP Insane 10 Reasons Why the Tea Party is So Unpopular Pepperoni Cheese Dip 5 Ways the Shutdown Is Killing Republicans Politically

Tea for Diarrhea

Print Tea for Diarrhea Recipe type: Teas For: Beverages   Ingredients 3 parts Blackberry root 2 parts Slippery Elm bark 1 part Comfrey root Instructions Simmer 1 teaspoon of the herb mixture in 1 cup water for 20 minutes. Strain and cool. Administer 2 to 4 tablespoon every hour or more often as needed. 3.1.09 Related articles Chamomile Cooler Watermelon Mint Smoothie Rose Petal Iced Tea Chamomile Spice Tea Watermelon Jelly

Tea for Cradle Cap

Print Tea for Cradle Cap Author: Cougar Recipe type: Teas For: First Aid   Ingredients 1 part Red Clover flower 1 part Burdock root 1 part Mullein leaf Instructions Steep 1 teaspoon of herb mixture in 1 cup boiled water for half an hour. Strain. To an infant, administer 2 teaspoons of the tea 3 to 4 times daily. 3.2.2089 Related articles Rose Petal Iced Tea Pumpkin Pie Chamomile Cooler Watermelon Mint Smoothie Channeling The Powers Of Nature: An Interview With A Naturopath 2014: 16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse 6. 1954: June – July Sightings