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Prodromic Dreams

Prodromic means ‘before running’ and refers to dreams which seem to give a symbolic or even direct indication of something, in particular an illness, that has not yet manifested physically in the dreamer. Thus, a worrying, perplexing dream or series of dreams about a system of underground pipes could refer to an impending vascular condition. The usual rationale for such dreams is that the unconscious has such an intimate link to the body that it becomes aware of minuscule symptoms long before they can be consciously perceived. The dream provides the communication channel to consciousness – but of course the information may not be interpreted and appreciated. In fact, two possibilities exist here : either, as stated, the unconscious passively picks up the early symptoms, or the unconscious causes the physical condition.… Read More

Channeling Explained

by Innerlight What is channeling? What is Channeling Exactly? I asked my own guides this question and this is their reply: A channeling in a worldly sense means the transmission of energy information from an energetic light source being through a human matter being to enhance and help speed up the spiritual consciousness/growth/availability and protracted long term future needs of the human race. As we enter a time of accelerated change, inherent perhaps due to your extremely rapid technological exchanges and progressions we enter a time where human consciousness on masse needs to keep up. A select few individuals doing all the spiritual work does not work anymore. There are Universal Laws that we all must abide or else destruction and mayhem reign. None of us wants that! So we endeavour to… Read More

The 12 Conditions of a Miracle.

By Todd Michael ISBN: 1585423521 Condition 1 Emptiness: Clarify in your mind what you lack and what you need. Are you blocking your own flow by withholding this very thing from the world around you? Calmly release what you are withholding. Be consistent and steady in your release. Expect that the flow will re-establish itself. Form follows thought: Visualise the channels opening and re-establishing themselves within your life. Learn to meditate. Then do it. Practice consistently. Enjoy it. Spend time in nature; be quiet, solitary places. Walk and exercise your body every day. Consider occasional fasting Condition 2 Alignment: With the eyes of Spirit, see the multitudes. Shift to a mindset of compassion, from concern over your own concerns to the concerns of others. At home and at work in your micro-environment  be increasingly aware of others’ problems and needs.… Read More

Bless Everyone and Everything That Represents What You Want to Create!

Bless Everyone and Everything That Represents What You Want to Create! To bless something or someone means to give recognition or emphasis to a positive quality, characteristic or condition, with the intention that what you recognize or emphasize will increase, continue or come into being. As you know, blessing may be done with imagery or touch. Perhaps the most common and easy way to do it is with words. ADMIRATION ~ this is the offering of compliments or praise to something good that you notice, like, “What a beautiful sunset; I like that dress; you’re so much fun.” AFFIRMATION ~ this is a specific statement of blessing for increase or endurance, like, “I bless the beauty of this tree; blessed be the health of your body; I am grateful to share small… Read More

The Act of Blessing

The act of giving a blessing is something that everyone can do. It is not reserved soley for Priests, Ministers or spiritual leaders. It is rather, a beautiful way of invoking Love and Universal Energy to touch the life of another. By Reverend Jeff Bekasinski The act of giving a blessing is something that everyone can do. It is not reserved soley for Priests, Ministers or spiritual leaders. It is rather, a beautiful way of invoking Love and Universal Energy to touch the life of another. What is a blessing, then? The dictionary defines this as: to invoke divine care for; to confer prosperity or happiness upon. This is exactly what one is doing when giving a blessing—invoking the Divine Power or Universal Energy to fall upon someone. One is asking the… Read More

Preparing for an Attunement

As outlined by : The International Center for Reiki Training In order to improve the results you receive during the attunement, a process of purification is recommended. This will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you. The following steps are optional. Follow them if you feel guided to do so. 1.  Refrain from eating meat, fowl or fish for three days prior to the attunement. These foods often contain drugs in the form of penicillin and female hormones and toxins in the form of pesticides and heavy metals that make your system sluggish and throw it out of balance. 2.  Consider a water or juice fast for one to three days especially if you already are a vegetarian or have experience with fasting. 3.  Minimize… Read More

Lesson Totem

Within each incarnation, there are many Life Lessons to be encountered, and with each of these Lessons, we are given the blessing of having an Animal Spirit journey with us, providing us with the wisdom and guidance unique to that Totem. These Animal Totems are known as the ~Lesson Totem.~ As we acknowledge, embrace, resolve and absorb the Lessons that are presented to us while in our physical bodies, we are aligning ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, to that Animal Totem and their Medicine. Once that Major Life Lesson has been learned and assimilated. it is then that we shift a level in our Souls Journey and Growth, and the Lesson Totem who has journeyed beside us through that Lesson will now move aside so that the next Animal Spirit may arrive,… Read More

Messenger Totem

These Animal Spirits are known as the ~Messenger Totems,~ and as the name implies, they are exactly that, Messengers from the Elders, the Ancestors, the Great Spirit. When we begin to recognize that there is a unifying thread between all things, when we initiate and establish a connection to the Animal Spirits and express our thanks (in word and deed), we are embarking upon a wondrous Path of Understanding. We begin to recognize that there is a rhythm which flows through all avenues of our life here in physical, that there is a deeper meaning to all of life`s experiences and ~challenges.~ Then, as those bonds to the Animal Spirits deepen and we nurture our connection to the Earth Mother and all that dwell upon, above or within Her, give thanks to… Read More

Shadow Totem

What darkness dwells in the mind of Man As leaden clouds drift across the midnight moon, Hasten the journey toward dark despair Inflicted by an Unseen handWithin the heart of the Ancient Forest Stand the Guardians of the Veil Shadowy secrets in liquid silence kept To the whispering of the soul’s miseryYet for He who dares to gaze Within To the center of the Night, Under Illumination’s reverent favor The dawning of consciousness unfurlsThen as clouds slip away Spectral figures dispersing for distant haunts, Luna casts her silver light And the Truth stands beneath her gaze As are the shadows now beheld And the Caster of their form, Not joined in harmony . . . For are they not born of the Same? Journeying beside us on our walk around the Sacred… Read More

Merging with the Animal Totems

Once one is familiar with their Primary Totem Animals (Power, Theme & Mission), the next step in absorbing the Wisdom & Lessons that they are beside us to teach, is to merge our intent and will with the Totems. Following are the initial three steps in this phase of the process, crucial links in building the connection between we of the Two Legged, and our Animal Allies. Please keep in mind that these are only the preliminary stages of the integration process, as merging with the Totems is a life-long process and one not to be “forced” or rushed. Through studying Nature and Animals (both first-hand through wildlife encounters and learning more about individual creature beings), we gain clearer insight into our inter-connectedness with All Things, as well as better understanding their… Read More