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Homemade Tattoo Balm Recipe

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Homemade Tattoo Balm Recipe
Recipe type: First Aid
For: Balms & Salves
Infuse oils for the salve with calendula, which is good for healing and anti-inflammatory; and chamomile, which is soothing and itch relieving. Lavender essential oil was used, because it calms inflamed skin and provides some pain relief, too. The beeswax makes it more salve-like by thickening it a bit, but beeswax has some anti-inflammatory properties, as well.
  • 4 oz of equal parts sunflower oil & apricot kernel oil (infused with calendula & chamomile flowers)
  • ½ oz beeswax pastilles
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  1. Fill a small jar halfway with equal parts of calendula and chamomile flowers, then fill the jar the rest of the way with sunflower and apricot kernel oils.
  2. Place the jar (with no lid) into a pot of water lined with a washcloth (to protect the jar).
  3. Use the weakest burner on it’s lowest setting and leave the pot with the jar in it for a couple of hours, and stir oil once in awhile.
  4. Strain the oil into a clean pot, put it back on the burner and add beeswax.
  5. Once melted, take it off the heat, add lavender essential oil and pour the mixture into 2 little containers with lids.
  6. Done!
  7. Apply the salve after cleaning tattoo