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Great Nutritional Drink Recipe

Print Great Nutritional Drink Recipe Recipe type: Drinks For: Beverages   This helps in many ways. It is known as a natural blood purifier and can help those who have any type of arthritis, gout, etc. This was shared with me by a family member who truly says it works in many ways to ease the soreness, pain and in general makes one feel better. Ingredients 64 oz. of Apple Juice 40 oz. of Grape Juice 8 oz. of Vinegar Instructions Just mix the above together and store in your refrigerator. Drink 8 oz. daily. This is a great nutritional drink for every one. 3.1.09 Related articles Channeling The Powers Of Nature: An Interview With A Naturopath New Device from Amazon Allows You to Steam TV Google & Microsoft Hire Hackers To Identify Software… Read More