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2014: Scientists Link Selfies To Narcissism, Addiction & Mental Illness

You’ve seen it thousands of times on Facebook and other social media outlets, there is even a song on the radio about it! Selfies have become a huge trend in social media and psychiatrists and mental health workers are linking them to mental health conditions related to narcissism and a person’s obsession with their looks. According to psychiatrist Dr David Veal: “Two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the rise of camera phones have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media sites.” “Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to help a patient to recognize the reasons for his or her compulsive behaviour and then to learn how to moderate it,” he told the Sunday Mirror. I’ve personally seen… Read More

9 Of The Most Common & Misguided Nutrition Myths Ever Told

With the advent of the internet came a superabundance of available information regarding personal health. However, with this deluge of available information also came a hefty downfall – a massive amount of misguided and unreliable information. Out of all fields of discussion, it’s safe to say that no other topics are more dangerous to have misinformation spread about than diet and nutrition. If a nutrition myth is continually repeated, it can soon become a culturally accepted truth, something that is dangerous to the general public. So for that matter, this article will address some of the most common and misguided nutrition ‘facts’ out there today. 9) Eggs Are Bad For Your Heart & Overall Health Eggs have had a bad rap in recent years, mostly due to the cholesterol myth. But a… Read More

Energy-Sucking Vampires on the Rise

Over the past seven or eight months, I have noticed the creeping development of something very strange; something deeply weird,  and something downright disturbing. And what might that be? Well, let’s take a look. I first need to explain one thing before we get to the heart of the matter. As someone who writes a lot of books and articles, and regularly takes part in radio shows, it’s quite understandable that I end up being the recipient of a large amount of witness accounts of the high-strangeness kind. Typically, because people have an awareness of the kinds of things that interest me, I tend to receive case-reports on the specific issues I’m intrigued by. This means, matters relative to things like Cryptozoology, and also to certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon, such as the Contactee movement,… Read More

The Insanity Of Modern Television & Entertainment. What Happened?

Watching my son James grow up has been a blessing in so many ways, one of which has been the opportunity to learn more about myself. Watching him learn how to learn has given me so many insights into my own childhood mentality and how those early experiences continue to affect me today. Of all the things I have learned in my short time as a father, one of them sticks out like a sore thumb, and that is the remarkable influence television has on a developing mind. Television is not something I desired to introduce into my son’s life until much later on, but I’m almost glad I have because of what I’ve learned from watching him watch the tube. Of course, he isn’t sitting in front of it for very long, maybe an… Read More

Nature, Nurture, Neither?

Most of us are aware of (or may be part of) a family where siblings are radically different from each other, their personalities, interests, and value systems sometimes seeming to be completely opposite.  It is difficult to chalk this up to either nature or nurture because both parties couldn’t have a more common nature environment, or common nurture environment.  Having been raised in the same household for their entire lives, and being biologically from the same sets of DNA, what could possibly cause such stark differences? Psychologists and biologists have attempted to tease out the influential factors by studying criminal records, IQ, personality traits, and sexual preferences of identical twins raised together, identical twins raised apart, adoptive siblings raised together, fraternal twins, siblings, and random pairs of strangers.  Criminality appears to have… Read More

Could The First Human Head Transplant Occur In Two Years?

Although there are some very controversial things occurring in the world of medicine right now, some remarkable advancements are also being made, many of which are happening in the world of transplants. Not long ago, we published a story regarding the successful transplant of lab-grown human vaginas into four teenage girls, who are now adults. You can read more about that story here. Now, news is emerging that the world’s first attempt to transplant a whole human head is on the agenda, and will be discussed this year at a surgical conference held by the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons in June. Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero, from the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy, believes that surgeons will be able to transplant the head of one patient onto a completely different body by… Read More

The Origins of Daylight Savings and Why it Wrecks Your Health

By Dr. Mercola For Americans, it’s that time of the year again—time to move your clocks an hour ahead; losing a precious hour of sleep in the process. For many, the time change associated with daylight savings time1 (DST) also means spending several days or even weeks feeling generally off-kilter. As reported by Prevent Disease:2 “A study, published in 2007… combined surveys from 55,000 people in central Europe with data on 50 individuals’ sleeping and wakefulness patterns for eight weeks around the shifts to and from daylight saving time. The researchers found people never fully adjust their circadian rhythms to the hour shift associated with daylight saving time (or, as it is known in Europe, summer time). Springing ahead by an hour, however, was most difficult for night owls — people prone… Read More

Genetic Blueprint – A Seed Plus Saliva Equals Miracle Health

What if you could place a seed under your tongue and the seed could recognize what your body is nutritionally missing? What if this same seed could provide those missing nutrients? by Yolanda Arenas, Guest writer, Many people today carry around a lot of weight.  Not only do they carry the weight of their bodies, but the weight of their troubles as well.  And so much so is the fact that their ability to outweigh the extra baggage becomes a major issue when it comes to their health.  Many begin to experience physical discomforts like those accompanied by such illnesses as; Anxiety, Depression and Fibromyalgia.  An individual can experience feeling “rugged all the time” or “drained of energy” which can become somewhat troublesome and prevent them from participating in simple… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Part Of The 90% Of Americans That Still Use Microwaves

They’re fast, convenient, and easy to use. Manufacturers even produce packaged foods specifically for their use. What I’m referring to are of course, microwave ovens, the household appliance that is still regularly used as a part of meal preparation and re-heating in approximately 90% of American homes. I say “still” in the previous statement because the dangers associated with microwave use have been documented for quite some time, dangers that I will once again outline in this article. Ultimately, arguments can always be made for the use of anything harmful if done in moderation, but given the hectic nature of most of our lives, the convenience the device offers makes little to moderate use seem very unlikely to be practiced. Microwaves Alter Your Food’s Chemical Structure Microwaves heat food by causing the water molecules contained… Read More

The Alberta Doctor Who Claimed Tar Sands Are Connected to Cancer Was Fired

One of the Canada’s most outspoken advocates on the ties between the tar sands and adverse health effects has been dismissed from his job without notice. Earlier this month Dr. John O’Connor received a brief email informing him of his termination from the Fort Chipewyan (Fort Chip) Health Center where he was working remotely as a consultant. O’Connor started his position at Fort Chip in 2000 and early on, he started noticing abnormal amounts of rare cancers of the bile ducts among his patients. This included cholangiocarcinoma, the same type of cancer that killed O’Connor’s father a decade prior. Fort Chip is located 300 km north of the heart of Alberta’s tar sands, Fort McMurray, and O’Connor raised concerns that these rare cancers could be linked to industry and pushed for further… Read More