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Cancer Cells Slayed by Vitamin C

Most people think vitamin C is helpful to fend off colds, sore throats and sinus infections. Though vitamin C certainly boosts immune system functionality, it does plenty more for the human body. Recent research indicates this vitamin is also important in the quest to combat cancer. Though there are numerous cancer therapies available, the majority cause unpleasant side effects. Some such treatment modalities are even toxic. In certain cases, cancer does not respond to the treatment modality, leaving doctors puzzled as to the next course of action. At the moment, the medical community believes cancer stem-like cells are responsible for cancer’s return and metastasis. This is precisely why doctors and cancer patients across the globe are welcoming vitamin C as a cancer cell-killer with open arms. Cancer’s Rapid and Expansive Rise The… Read More

High-dose vitamin C reduces inflammation in cancer patients, study shows

(NaturalHealth365) The value and impact of a daily vitamin C supplement as well as high, concentrated doses for acute illnesses is becoming increasingly clear. Studies have already shown the efficacy of liposomal vitamin C in treating infections and as an anti-cancer therapy. Now, another study is confirming its effectiveness against inflammation in cancer patients, one of the primary markers. High levels of inflammation seem to indicate a higher risk of cancer as well as a less hopeful prognosis for healing and recovery. Inflammation impairs the immune system, plays a role in cachexia, lowers toleration of numerous cancer treatments, and generally decreases health and quality of life. Warning: Chronic inflammation is one of the primary markers of cancer The inflammatory response plays a major role in tumor development. Inflammation is a factor during… Read More

2006: Research backs theory that vitamin C shrinks tumours

By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor Published: 28 March 2006 New research suggesting that vitamin C can be effective in curing cancer will renew interest in the “alternative” treatment for the terminal disease. Three cancer patients who were given large intravenous doses over a period of several months had their lives extended and their tumours shrunk, doctors reported yesterday. A 49-year-old man diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer in 1996 was still alive and cancer-free nine years later, having declined chemotherapy and radiotherapy in favour of regular infusions of vitamin C. A 66-year-old woman with an aggressive lymphoma who had a “dismal prognosis” in 1995 was similarly treated and is still alive 10 years later. A 51-year-old woman with kidney cancer that spread to her lungs diagnosed in 1995 had a normal chest X-ray… Read More