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The Magnesium Lottery

Magnesium deficiency is common and deadly. Diuretics, heart conditions, exercise, and the ECA stack influence magnesium status. The processing of food results in large losses of vital nutrients. For example, white bread contains about 40% less magnesium than whole wheat bread. In addition, since World War II, the amount of magnesium in our food has steadily declined due to farming methods and the use of fertilizers that only replenish nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (9-BK). Thus, there is reason to doubt whether even the best diet can provide an optimum amount of magnesium. In light of all this, it is amazing that Big Brother actually tells people NOT to take supplements. Lets face it, Big Brother can tell people to eat 3,000 servings of fresh vegetables a day till he”s blue in the… Read More