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Iodine and Antibiotics

A great feeling of security for a parent comes from administering a medicinal like iodine. It is what I give my children instead of dangerous antibiotics when they are sick. It is what I use when the first symptoms of flu approach and it does spare one the worst of that misery. After we understand that iodine is an excellent antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, mold and yeast agent we begin to glimpse the catastrophic mistake made for substituting pharmaceutical antibiotics for iodine. Antibiotics do not kill yeast but they certainly can kill people on occasion.[1] Not only do some antibiotics increase the risk of sudden cardiac death but sometimes they lead to liver compromise and failure. Despite the ever-widening use of antibiotics the National Center for Infectious Disease and the Centers for… Read More

What if there was one nutrient which…?

Desensitized estrogen receptors in the breast. Reduced estrogen production in overactive ovaries. Reduced fibrocystic breast disease which often precedes breast cancer. Caused cancer cell death, slowed down cell division and reduced blood vessel growth to tumors. Caused more cell death than the chemo drug, Fluorouracil . Prevented rats from getting cancer when they were fed the breast cancer causing toxin DMBA. Research suggests that some breast cancers may be an iodine deficiency disease. As iodine consumption has gone down, breast cancer rates have gone up. But the research goes far deeper, exploring the effects of iodine supplementation on breast disease and breast cancer. This important breakthrough has been in the research pipeline for years but only recently found momentum. After sifting through 50 years of iodine research and corresponding with researchers around… Read More