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Dream Decoder: A Collection of Symbols and Their Meaning

via Thespiritscience Everyone has a window into their own subconscious in the dream world. Unfortunately, we forget most of them. This is why, if you are invested in finding meaning in your dreams, you should keep a dream journal. Just quickly jot it down upon awakening. With time, this practice will become easy. In a general sense, if you dream positively or about the future, this means that your psychic and emotional work has been done, and you have few issues. on the other hand, negative dreams could be a sign that there are issues in your life that need addressing. The dream you’re having is an opportunity to work on whatever it is needs work. Sometimes our dreams will follow a certain theme for a length of time. If you’re having… Read More


Well, the Toltecs saw this as a twofold process. First, they saw that we were responsible for what we dreamed in our minds and that that was dependant on where we chose to focus our attention. For example, choosing to be happy is as easy as putting our attention on what is beautiful in life, rather than putting our attention on believing our fear-based beliefs and emotions. Even more important, they saw that we could use our attention to take our focus off of the world our physical eyes assemble for us and instead put our focus on the world we can see if we use our spiritual eyes. Second, they saw that by changing the way we dream in our virtual reality (our mind), we ultimately change what we project out… Read More

Dream Colors

From Dreams Obscure Often, dreamers don’t pay attention to the colors in their dreams. However, focusing more attention on this aspect of dreams may help lead to a more accurate and fulfilling interpretation. For example: A dreamer dreams of a statue, which falls from its place on a mantle and crashes to the floor. Seems pretty broad, huh? However, if the dreamer recalled that the statue was green, then one possible interpretation could be that the dreamer’s jealousy is leading to destructive ends. If a certain color continuously reappears in your dream, it may be time for you to figure out exactly what that color could represent. Your subconscious is most likely trying to comment on something by using that particular color as a symbol. Below is a list of colors and… Read More

Dreams and their Interpretations

The dreams which we remember and are able to describe are those which occur just as we are falling asleep or just as we are beginning to awaken. It is during these times that our conscious mind is partially active and in a state to receive impressions which are retained by the memory. Frequently, however, these impressions are so faint that they are remembered only for a short time. We may remember a dream for a few minutes when we wake up in the night, but the next day, it is entirely forgotten. On the other hand, there are dreams which are so vivid, and which impress themselves so very strongly upon us, that we can recall them and describe them in detail years afterwards. During sleep, this mysterious underworld of thoughts… Read More

On Prophesying by Dreams

by Aristotle (Written 350 BCE) Part 1 As to the divination which takes place in sleep, and is said to be based on dreams, we cannot lightly either dismiss it with contempt or give it implicit confidence. The fact that all persons, or many, suppose dreams to possess a special significance, tends to inspire us with belief in it [such divination], as founded on the testimony of experience; and indeed that divination in dreams should, as regards some subjects, be genuine, is not incredible, for it has a show of reason; from which one might form a like opinion also respecting all other dreams. Yet the fact of our seeing no probable cause to account for such divination tends to inspire us with distrust. For, in addition to its further unreasonableness, it… Read More

Ego, Apprehension and Dreams

–by Dale Mann Can we purposefully frighten ourselves into experiencing, not nightmarish reality, but unusual psychic events and dreams? Here I’m not referring to telling ghost stories while spending the night in a graveyard or a haunted house—places where anything may happen. Rather I’m thinking of a more relaxed and controlled setting, but in any case the answer to the question is, Yes! Humans and animals, and dare I include insects and plants? (many Seth readers would say, “Yes”) are endowed with a very wide range of emotions that many people believe extend far beyond the small descriptions we assign to such feelings: the usual narrow classifications with love at one end and hate at the other—and everything else squeezed in between. It’s also understood that within a group of individuals the… Read More

Prodromic Dreams

Prodromic means ‘before running’ and refers to dreams which seem to give a symbolic or even direct indication of something, in particular an illness, that has not yet manifested physically in the dreamer. Thus, a worrying, perplexing dream or series of dreams about a system of underground pipes could refer to an impending vascular condition. The usual rationale for such dreams is that the unconscious has such an intimate link to the body that it becomes aware of minuscule symptoms long before they can be consciously perceived. The dream provides the communication channel to consciousness – but of course the information may not be interpreted and appreciated. In fact, two possibilities exist here : either, as stated, the unconscious passively picks up the early symptoms, or the unconscious causes the physical condition.… Read More