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‘Plum Island’

2004: Plum Island, Lyme Disease And Operation Paperclip – A Deadly Triangle

From Patricia Doyle, PhD 8-21-5 Hello, Jeff – This is an excellent historical documentation of Plum Island’s history even before it became the USDA Plum Island. The history goes back to operation paperclip and to PROVEN tick research on Plum Island dating back to the 1950s. Plum Island also worked with lone star ticks. …I wondered how lone star ticks from Texas would get to my backyard in NY. The ticks had some help, i.e. germ scientists…and Plum Island. Patricia Doyle FTR#480 Plum Island, Lyme Disease and the Erich Traub File (One 30-minute segment) (Sources are noted in parentheses.) (Recorded on 10/3/2004.) Note: FTR#’s 260-316, 317, 324, FTR#325 and succeeding programs are streaming on Real Audio at FTR#’s 01-270, 316-324 are available for download only, also on Real Audio,… Read More