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‘Obama Care’

How Obamacare Is Actually Preventing Americans From Escaping Poverty

Obamacare is leaving the middle class behind. Not the living-in-suburbia, driving-an-SUV-to-soccer-practice middle-class dream (although it affects people living that dream negatively, too), but the new middle class of America—the ones struggling to pull themselves out of the hole after the economic crash. The middle class that is so close to poverty that one wrong move will land them there, but just far enough away from hopeless debt that the states and the federal government figure they can fend for themselves. Which many of them probably could have, before the Affordable Care Act. This is not because Obamacare is a bad idea. It’s because it is not being allowed to function correctly in its attempt to extend affordable health care coverage to more Americans. Do a quick internet search for the ACA and… Read More

New Website Born of Healthcare Law Discloses Billions of Dollars Paid to Doctors and Hospitals by Drug and Device Firms

Thanks to Obamacare and the development of a new websitedisclosing payments to physicians and teaching hospitals, it’s now known that billions of dollars has been exchanged between medical practitioners and industry in just a few months. For example, from August to December 2013, pharmaceutical manufacturers and device companies issued 4.4 million payments to more than 500,000 health care professionals and teaching hospitals that totaled $3.5 billion, The New York Times reported. This total included $380 million in speaking and consulting monies that drug and device businesses gave to doctors. The website, established as part of the Affordable Care Act, tracks all gifts valued at more than $10 given by manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and medical supplies that have at least one product covered by Medicare or Medicaid. This includes everything from… Read More

2013: Obama’s Healthcare Fix

By Stephen Lendman Steve Lendman Blog He’s got himself to blame. He sold a pig in a polk. He backed one of America’s greatest ever scams. It hugely enriches providers. It does so at the expense of giving everyone universal single payer coverage. More on that below. Obamacare is rife with problems. It leaves millions uninsured. It leaves millions more underinsured. It makes healthcare coverage more expensive. Mandated market rules include rude awakenings. Many consumers are left paying much more than they thought. Most plans include huge deductibles and co-pays. Doing so means tens of millions face unaffordable out-of-pocket costs. Federal subsidies for America’s poor are woefully inadequate. Millions live from paycheck to paycheck. Limited resources make expensive treatments unaffordable. Insurers have plenty of wiggle room. They can’t deny preexisting conditions. They can delay. They… Read More