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‘Trans Fats’

2013: Trans Fats busted

In my research on the new trans fats labeling laws, I found, in my opinion, a very serious infraction being perpetrated on American consumers by the food companies….. If you have been out label shopping lately, you have probably come across labels reading “0 Grams Trans Fat“, in foods such as margarine, bean dips, chips, and many other foods that typically contain the notoriously dangerous trans fats, known as “partially hydrogenated oil, hydrogenated oil, and vegetable shortening”. If you look at the “Ingredients:” portion of the label, you will still see these hydrogenated oils listed in the content of the foods, sometimes listed as a third ingredient, as in the Frito Lay Bean Dip, indicating a higher weight than ingredients listed toward the end. I called Frito Lay and asked why they were advertising… Read More