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Do Soy Foods Negatively Affect Your Thyroid?

A Look at the Downsides of Soy by Mary Shomon It seems that there’s isn’t a newspaper, magazine or news program that hasn’t recently featured a story on the amazing health benefits of soy food products and soy/isoflavone supplements. Soy is promoted as a healthy alternative to estrogen replacement for some women, as a possibly way to reduce the risk of breast cancer, as a way to minimize menopause symptoms, and as a healthier, low-fat protein alternative for meats and poultry. But what all the positive stories fail to mention is that there is a very real — but very overlooked — downside to the heavy or long-term use of soy products. Soy products increase the risk of thyroid disease. And this danger is particularly great for infants on soy formula. This… Read More


Below are bits and pieces of information on Soy, sugar and the dietary. Articles by Sally Fallon, Dr. Mercola and, report problems with soy consumption. Carrageenan is like Vaseline petroleum jelly. A glass of SILK [a not recommended commercial soy drink] contains commercially prepared soymilk with a dextrose type sugar, chocolate powder and the vaseline type chemical, carrageenan as an emulsifier. The carrageenan will cause digestive tract problems in susceptible people, make them ill and cause them to think they are allergic to soy. Remember when you see dextrose, glucose or corn syrup the substance is a poison. Even natural honey contains this poison [dextrose]. If you allow honey to crystallize and then turn the bottle upside down and allow the honey to run out [might take several days] the crystals… Read More


The info on Soy is misleading. This short article will list some warnings on Soy. The internet is loaded with information warning of the harmful effects of Soy when used improperly. Robert Cohen, the man, recommends organically grown soy. My opinion is that the bad effects of Soy are due to the adulteration of the natural food for commercialization. Because the human race has weakened itself on denatured junk food for several generations, we are genetically predisposed to trouble from foods that can shift the chemical balance too far in one direction. We are not healthy enough to tolerate this effect and so certain foods affect us, based upon our individual weaknesses. Soy is one of those type of foods since it contains large amounts of nutritional complexes that have strong… Read More