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Eating Walnuts May Help Keep Gut Happy

Eating walnuts may keep your digestive system happy. Researchers found that walnuts act as a prebiotic in the gut, increasing levels of good probiotic bacteria and as well as its diversity. “Gut health is an emerging research area, but we are seeing that greater bacterial diversity may be associated with better health outcomes, whereas low diversity has been linked to conditions such as obesity and inflammatory bowel disease,” said lead researcher Lauri Byerley, Ph.D. of Louisiana State University. In the study, rats were randomly assigned to a diet containing ground walnuts, equivalent to about 2 ounces (1/2 cup) per day in humans, or a diet without walnuts for up to 10 weeks. The two diet groups consumed similar amounts of calories and nutrients. Compared to those that did not consume walnuts, rats… Read More

Pecans vs Walnuts

For their role in heart and cardiovascular health, walnuts have received a great deal of attention in recent years. However, they aren’t the only healthy nut option around. When it comes to nutrition, pecans can go toe-to-toe with walnuts in the way they protect the heart and mind, support weight loss, and promote weight management. In fact, pecans may even have the edge over walnuts as the healthier nut… Pecans vs Walnut Breakdown In one corner, we have pecans. In every ounce, or about 19 pecan halves, you consume just under 200 calories. That same ounce delivers nearly 27% of your recommended daily intake of heart healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. A single ounce serving of pecans is low in carbs weighing in at 3.93g, or about 1% your daily value. One… Read More