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‘GMO Coverup’

Monsanto suppresses information about dangers of RNA interference technology

(NaturalNews) A professor from South Carolina University who conducts medical research on plant genes is bringing forth new findings on RNA interference technology that have Monsanto squirming. Her research lines up with findings from Chinese researcher Dr. Chen-Yu Zhang, who has confirmed new dangers of RNA interference technology in plants engineered to kill insects. Their research is so eye opening that both of them have been confronted by Monsanto itself. It’s now apparent that Monsanto seeks to destroy any scientific research that conflicts with their agenda. SC Professor experiences the pressures and controls of Monsanto first hand South Carolina University Professor Vicki Vance has been engaged in conducting RNA research for nearly 30 years. She is beginning to see how multinational corporations like Monsanto control scientific academia through harassment and by wielding… Read More

Has your DNA been altered by GMOs?

(NaturalNews) If you are eating genetically modified foods – including essentially any product containing corn or soy that has not been certified organic or free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – the modified genes in those GMOs might be negatively influencing your body’s own DNA. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has warned that studies have linked consumption of GMOs with health problems, including reproductive dysfunction (including infertility), organ damage, immune dysfunction, insulin disorders and accelerated aging. The mechanisms by which such harms occur remain unclear, but at least some of them might come from changes that GMOs cause to the DNA of organisms other than those deliberately “modified” by genetic engineers. GMO DNA passes into your blood The biggest question is this: Does eating GMOs modify your DNA? The short answer… Read More

Bayer Buys Monsanto For $66 Billion Creating The World’s Most Malevolent Corporation!

The livelihoods and indeed the very lives of farmers and consumers hangs in the balance pf this acquisition.  By Whitney Webb Bayer, who made it rich selling heroin to children and financing Nazi concentration camps, is set to pay over $128 a share to buy the world’s most notorious GMO seed company. German pharmaceutical and agrochemical company Bayer has finally succeeded in its attempts to buy US GM seed company Monsanto. The merger will create a company that commands more than 25% of the world’s agricultural market for seeds and pesticides. Bayer first attempted to buy Monsanto for $62 billion this past May but was unsuccessful as Monsanto demanded more money following its failed takeover of the world’s largest GM seed company Syngenta. Antitrust authorities in the US and the EU still have the ability to prevent… Read More

Roundup’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate, Found in 100% of California Wines Tested

It’s even in some labeled as organic NaturalSociety| Before you pop open a bottle of California Merlot, there is something you should know: trace amounts of glyphosate, the primary toxic chemical found in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, have been found in 100% of California wines tested by the national GMO awareness group, Moms Against Monsanto. The news comes on the heels of a report finding 14 brands of beers tested positive for the likely carcinogen in Germany. According to Moms Against Monsanto founder Zen Honeycutt, who recently penned an article on the findings for EcoWatch, the contamination of conventional wine was 28 times higher than organic wine, with levels ranging from 0.659 parts per billion (ppb) in organic to 18.74 ppb in conventional wine. The group tested wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties in California. The… Read More

New Norwegian Study Accuses Monsanto Of Falsely Claiming GMOs Are Safe

International findings on the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms are rarely reported on in Western mainstream media. Despite fierce resistance to GMOs in other countries, North Americans are just now starting to learn that GMOs are unsafe for human consumption, and that they pose significant environmental risks, too. This is precisely why dozens upon dozens of countries around the world have completely banned GMOs from being imported or grown in their country. While major Western government health organizations say the science is clear on their safety, multiple governments, researchers, and scientific publications around the world beg to differ. The Norwegian government, via The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board (NBAB), is one such group. Commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency late last year to develop a guidance document in line with the Norwegian Gene Technology Act, their aim was to assess the… Read More

MARS, Maker of M&M’s, SNICKERS to Label Products With GMO Ingredients Nationwide for Vermont Law

Mars Incorporated, the company that owns many popular chocolate candy brands has announced that it intends to label the products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to comply with Vermont’s law. Vermont is the first state to require such labeling, effective July 1, 2016. The company will label its products nationwide, not just for the state of Vermont. Popular brands include M&M’s, SNICKERS, Dove, Galaxy, Mars, Milky Way, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS and more. The decision comes at a time when GMO policy is in focus for the 2016 election season. Last week, the U.S. Senate voted 48-49 against a bill that would have blocked states from making their own GMO labeling laws. Senate Bill 2609, the Biotech Labeling Solutions Act has been called the DARK Act, an acronym for Deny Americans the… Read More

“It’s Not The Zika Virus” – Doctors Link Monsanto Pesticides To Birth Defects

February 16, 2016 by Arjun Walia. Has the world become accustomed to massive, dangerous, and possibly deadly outbreaks of terrible diseases? It certainly seems that way, as every year brings with it it a new pandemic that strikes fear into the hearts of many. The H1N1 virus is one example, Ebola is another, and now we have what’s known as the ‘Zika Virus.’  Not long ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) made the announcement declaring the Zika virus to be a global health emergency, without providing much detail about the disease. The Zika virus, a sexually-transmitted infection, has been around for approximately 70 years, and is marketed by two companies. We have known about it since at least 1947, when researchers from the Rockefeller Foundation discovered a monkey that became the first known carrier of the virus.… Read More

Biotech shills continue spouting lies to push GMO imperialism

When it comes to food science research, the most common debates are about science and which sources or studies are correct, or more legitimate. Fact checking and deciphering which studies are biased and which ones aren’t can be exhausting as well as confusing. However, sometimes the truth is blatant. An example of a blatant truth are the facts surrounding the ineffectiveness of the Golden Rice Project, which was launched by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), a group founded in 1959 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Allegedly aimed at preventing death from malnutrition in Southeast Asia, the Golden Rice Project set out to create rice genetically modified to contain three beta-carotene biosynthesis genes. GMO Golden Rice 2 launched in 2005 recently fails field trials In 2005, the Switzerland-based seed company Syngenta partnered with… Read More

GEs and Clones Make Their Way to American Dinner Tables

The BBC reports that cloned products have been in the U.S. food supply for years. Consumers, safety activists, Big Food, biotech companies and many of the U.S.’s importing and exporting partners have been closely watching to see if the FDA would approve the genetically engineered AquAdvantage Salmon, which it did last month. Of course unlabeled GE crops are eaten by millions and GE animals have been created to make human drugs largely under the public radar. Still the AquAdvantage Salmon is the first approved GE animal destined for the U.S. dinner table. The AquAdvantage Salmon is not the only GE food animal in the works. Scientists at the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where Dolly the cloned sheep was created, have spent years creating chickens that can be used as… Read More

Court Finds Monsanto Responsible for Poisoning French Farmer

The court of appeals in Lyon, France, has found agribusiness giant Monsanto guilty of poisoning a man named Paul François. François is a farmer who claimed that he suffered a multitude of ailments, including headaches, memory loss, neurological problems and stammering, after he unintentionally inhaled Monsanto’s herbicide, Lasso. François used Lasso for over 15 years, and in 2004 accidentally inhaled the product. After the incident, the farmer began getting severe headaches and experienced moments of mental absence and an inability to speak. The chemical’s effects on François were so severe that he fainted, was hospitalized and fell into a coma. François was diagnosed with monochlorobenzene poisoning by his doctors, who found that the chemical permanently damaged his brain. Monochlorobenzene makes up 50% of the herbicide Lasso. It is worth noting that the… Read More