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Eating More Salt Might Actually Save Your Life

Our body is 70% water. Salt is NEEDED as a conductor to create an electrical current through the body. It helps to stimulate muscles and nerves amongst other things. Health Impact News writes: Despite the growing evidence that low sodium causes more harm than high sodium, and using unprocessed salt has more benefits than commercial processed table salt, the mostly unsubstantiated belief that salt needs to be demonized persists. The revelations of good science are continually crushed by the pressures of public health policy. Or as Dr. Kendrick states, “… the ‘salt hypothesis’ is rather like a monster from a 1950s B movie. Every time you attack it with evidence it simply shrugs it off and grows even stronger.” To this day, the American Heart Association (AHA) considers consuming more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium… Read More