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Bullet proof immune system – how to not get a cold ever

You don’t have to catch the next flu. With the right combination of supplements, in most cases, you can knock out, or radically lesson the severity of an infection. If an illness is caught early enough, even people who eat a lousy diet can treat it with the right supplements before they feel really sick. Infection remedies include virus, bacteria, fungus, and most of the parasites that make us sick. Believe it or not, candida (a type of fungus) can give us the same symptoms as a bacterial or viral infection, and many times people have multiple infections at once causing flu like symptoms. The only way to properly prepare your immune system to be as strong as possible is to have a diet and supplement regimen to address not just viruses,… Read More

What Our Immune System Can Teach Us About Dealing With Life’s Challenges

It’s been awhile since I last sat in class learning about Natural Killer cells, B cells and T cells, and the whole wonderful intricate system that defends us against illness and disease on a daily basis. But not to worry, I’m not actually going to teach you the science of immunity today (I can almost hear your collective sigh of relief as I write this). Instead, I’m going to talk about what we can learn from our magnificent immune system. Every day we get bombarded with things that can make us sick, but 99% of the time we have no idea because our body is busy fighting them off. We assume that because we aren’t sick, we haven’t been exposed. However, every now and again, especially at this time of year, we get… Read More