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Fight Candida With These Powerful Foods

Did you know that candida is a genus of yeast that we all have, living in our guts. Candida is what is known as “Dimorphic”. In other words it can exist in 2 forms at the same time. One form (as yeast) is beneficial. It helps to ferment sugar and is 100% non-invasive. The other form that Candida can take is a fungal form, in which it develops extended root type structures that are known as “Rhizoids”. These roots are able to penetrate our mucous membranes, and therefore become invasive. 80% of US Citizens may have Candida Overgrowth In its yeast guise, Candida is a so called “friendly bacterium”, and its growth is normally held in check by a healthy immune system. But when our immune systems are compromised in some way,… Read More