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Are You Impatient? It’s Probably Aging You Faster!

Are you impatient? You might be aging faster due to shorter telomeres. Researchers discovered that women who scored as more impatient on a common psychology test have cells that show signs of more rapid aging. In a new study conducted by National University of Singapore, researchers reveal that for young women seeking longevity, just a little more patience may help you live longer. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team describes the results they found. Researchers investigated the possible long-term health consequences of patience in a large group of 1,158 healthy young participants. The participants were asked a series of questions that involved instant or delayed contentment. In fact, participants had to play an economic game in which they could either be given a gift… Read More

In a Historic Discovery, Scientists Reverse Aging Process – “Humans could live for Centuries”

 „…This work is the first glimmer that we could live for centuries…” Scientists have come across a sensational, historical discovery, as they have managed to REVERSE the aging process opening the doors for humans to live for CENTURIES. It seems that ‘eternal life’ may have just become a real possibility after experts have discovered a way to reverse the aging process in animals. For decades, people have wondered how to stay young forever, and now, experts have managed to turn back the aging process in mice and human skin cells. In fact, the team of scientists, are so confident with their discovery that they are already claiming that using the SAME process in human beings could allow us to live FOR CENTURIES. The sensational discovery is not based on genetics, but rather… Read More