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‘A/B Virus’


Sun Apr 28, 2013 15:38 China – we have warned you about the US release of the Dreaded A/B Virus and you thought YOU could handle it. So here is what happened: Over the last 5 years the US has been working on an A/B Virus in conjunction with Monsanto – yes – Monsanto. The initial 7 “A” viruses were released since 2008 and have been spread all over the world by now. The “B” part of the virus has then been released thousands of miles away and when they meet the perpetrators cannot be traced. Clever Faction 1 (CIA,FBI Loyal to Lucifer). These viruses are intended to have a kill rate of 50-70% in the Brown Eyed People, most of the rest will be permanently disabled for life. Green and Blue… Read More