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4 Tips for Your First Yoga Class

We are all very nervous at our first yoga class, not knowing what to expect. When it all kicks off, it can be confusing: a strange language (Sanskrit), people who seem to know what they’re doing, suddenly we’re experiencing physical and emotional sensations which are kinda foreign to us, it’s all a bit more challenging than we expected, and there’s a lot to take in! We’ve all been there, so here are some tips to help you enjoy your first yoga class. 4 Yoga tips for beginners Here are a few tips to help with your first class: 1. Arrive Early Check out the space, make yourself familiar with the area you will be practicing in. Put your mat where you feel comfortable. Some people prefer to be up at the front… Read More

Karma: The Yoga of Action in an Unjust World

If you practice yoga, you’ve encountered the word karma at some point—in class, in the yoga texts, or perhaps on the label of a fancy bottle of water. It’s a simple concept: if you plug someone’s meter for them during the day, something nice will happen to you at some point. It’s a cosmic system of checks and balances, rewarding you for good deeds and punishing you for bad. If someone plugs your meter later in the day, congratulations! You’ve experienced Instant Karma: an immediate return on cosmic investment. Which isn’t, of course, the original Hindu meaning of the word. Karma in Sanskrit means “action,” and the theory goes that the actions you take in this life will impact your next birth— which caste you are born into and the lot in… Read More

Yoga In The Office

Here are some postures that you can do right at your desk, at your computer, or in your office. SEATED TWIST IN A CHAIR Begin by sitting tall in your chair. Press your feet down on the floor or if they don’t reach the floor (mine don’t from this chair) let them rest on a book or a block. Feel your spine elongate. Press your sitz bones down into the chair. Press the crown of your head up. And remember that your shoulders are down. You should feel tall in your chair. And you want to be relaxed. Breathe. Next, take your left arm and bring it down across your body and place your hand on the outside of your right thigh. Bring your right arm straight up beside your right ear.… Read More

Yoga on the Go: Moon Salutation

  There is definitely a specific pleasure in taking a public yoga class: listening to the wisdom of the teacher, exploring new postures, and simply being in the studio space with the instant community created. You just can’t replace that experience. However, there are times in life when you need yoga and a drop-in class is not a possibility—situations where just a little bit of movement can make a really big difference, and you may not even have a yoga mat at your disposal. Perhaps you crave a break during a long-distance cycling trip, or need to get out of your head and step away from your desk on a busy workday, or maybe you were too busy to get to class and want to stretch out and calm down before you… Read More