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Lesson Totem

Within each incarnation, there are many Life Lessons to be encountered, and with each of these Lessons, we are given the blessing of having an Animal Spirit journey with us, providing us with the wisdom and guidance unique to that Totem. These Animal Totems are known as the ~Lesson Totem.~ As we acknowledge, embrace, resolve and absorb the Lessons that are presented to us while in our physical bodies, we are aligning ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, to that Animal Totem and their Medicine. Once that Major Life Lesson has been learned and assimilated. it is then that we shift a level in our Souls Journey and Growth, and the Lesson Totem who has journeyed beside us through that Lesson will now move aside so that the next Animal Spirit may arrive,… Read More

Messenger Totem

These Animal Spirits are known as the ~Messenger Totems,~ and as the name implies, they are exactly that, Messengers from the Elders, the Ancestors, the Great Spirit. When we begin to recognize that there is a unifying thread between all things, when we initiate and establish a connection to the Animal Spirits and express our thanks (in word and deed), we are embarking upon a wondrous Path of Understanding. We begin to recognize that there is a rhythm which flows through all avenues of our life here in physical, that there is a deeper meaning to all of life`s experiences and ~challenges.~ Then, as those bonds to the Animal Spirits deepen and we nurture our connection to the Earth Mother and all that dwell upon, above or within Her, give thanks to… Read More

Merging with the Animal Totems

Once one is familiar with their Primary Totem Animals (Power, Theme & Mission), the next step in absorbing the Wisdom & Lessons that they are beside us to teach, is to merge our intent and will with the Totems. Following are the initial three steps in this phase of the process, crucial links in building the connection between we of the Two Legged, and our Animal Allies. Please keep in mind that these are only the preliminary stages of the integration process, as merging with the Totems is a life-long process and one not to be “forced” or rushed. Through studying Nature and Animals (both first-hand through wildlife encounters and learning more about individual creature beings), we gain clearer insight into our inter-connectedness with All Things, as well as better understanding their… Read More