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The Science of Reincarnation — Dr. Stevenson’s Life Work

Do you believe in reincarnation? There are no less than 3000 scientifically verified cases of people who remembered a past life and were able to offer verifiable proof — here’s the life’s work of Dr. Stevenson. The Scientific Method has become a dogmatic yardstick for judging the validity of any experience, argument, and belief. Although a new paradigm of understanding life, existence, and the cosmos, it exerts a near total control over human perception since the advent of modernity. As a result, various aspects and questions about human spirituality have been warded off into the fringes of popular ideas about living a content and meaningful life. Personally, I wonder why Westerners have stopped searching for the answers to ages-long existential questions, scuh as “who are we?”, “where do we come from?”, “why… Read More

Past Life Memories of Children and Past Life Regression: A Case for Reincarnation?

There are times when a person feels like they have been somewhere before or just “knows” things or people without having met them before. Often we write this off as the strange experience of déjà-vu or a coincidence. Imagine that the experience multiplies and an individual says they remember exact details about other people, and places they have never experienced, maybe they can even speak a language never taught to them. Some people claim they have had these experiences – and scientists have taken an interest in their cases. Research has been done to try to find if there is validity to the experiences, but there are some instances where the situation has been unexplainable by science…could it be reincarnation at play? Reincarnation: A Simple Definition for a Complex Idea First it… Read More

Scientific Proof of Reincarnation. Yes, The Soul Exists

A lot of people are resistant to the idea of a “soul” because of how this term has gotten wrapped up in religious superstition and dogma. Some people think it is outright silly. But the concept of consciousness being able to detach from the body offers a lot of explanatory power when it comes to phenomenon such as Near Death Experiences, Out-Of-Body Experiences, astral projections, and even reincarnation. In fact, the evidence for reincarnation is the best hard scientific evidence we have for the existence of a soul. This is a bold claim, but the evidence for reincarnation is undeniable and cannot collectively be attributed to chance or any other physical explanation. If reincarnation exists, the soul exists. Let’s take a look! Before we explore the evidence, it’s helpful to remember that… Read More

Re-incarnation: A Blessing or a Curse?

by Elva Thompson Contributor, The Cup This is the cup, the cup assigned to you from the beginning. I know, My child, how much of this dark drink is your own brew Of fault or passion ages long ago In the deep years of yesterday, I know. This is your road, a painful road and drear. I made the stones that never give you rest; I set your friend in pleasant ways and clear And he, like you, shall come unto my breast, But you , My child, must travel here. This is your task, it has no joy or grace, But it cannot be wrought by any other hand; Take it. I do not bid you understand. I bid you close your eyes and see My face. Swami Vivekanander. The… Read More