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‘Past Lives’

Leaving It All Behind – Resolving Our Past Lives

by Talia Shafir It’s a delicious irony that the people believed to be the last of the ancient Incas, culturally preserved in the purity of their high Andean refuge until 1949, are the bearers of the universal message to leave the past behind, drop our differences and change our relationship to time. Having escaped the marauding conquistadors, the Q’ero Elders have spent the last 500 years guarding a sacred prophecy of “pachacuti”, taken from the name of an ancient Incan ruler meaning ‘he who transforms the world’. “Pachacuti” heralds a world of union and possibilities, of harmony and natural order, signaling the end of chaos and disarray. The last one took place 500 years ago. The Q’ero await the next one which they say is already underway. These prophecies are actually optimistic,… Read More

Past Life Regression

Once considered a “new age” gimmick, past life regression (PLR) therapy is rapidly becoming accepted in the mainstream as an exceptionally useful therapeutic tool. It can be a rapid way to bring up material in a single or just a few sessions, which might otherwise take many months of traditional counseling to address. It can also be useful for those who would not otherwise consider themselves in need of counseling or therapy services who even so want to expand their experience, draw on inner wisdom and connect with loved ones across the ages. People are drawn to past-life regression for a many reasons. You might want to explore your past lives because you find it exciting and interesting and to see yourself as someone different. It would just be an excursion through… Read More

Past Life Research With ‘Chosen Ones’ Reveals Matrix

by Truman L. Cash, In5D A “chosen one” is an individual who is contacted and abducted by extra-terrestrials repeatedly from lifetime to lifetime. “Chosen ones” are sometimes placed in high-level positions in governments, secret societies and religions. The term “chosen one” is a term that the ETs themselves use both to flatter and deceive abductees. By conducting extensive past life research with “chosen ones”, the hidden history of Planet Earth can be discovered. A powerful, but invisible guiding hand has been steering the course of human events on this planet for many thousands of years. By their actions one could best describe these beings as Extra-Terrestrial Conspirators, or ETCs. They are the puppet masters who pull the strings of the world’s elite, who in turn pull the strings of the common people.… Read More