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Get Rhythm – Drumming Technique

By Robert Lawrence Friedman When Ginger Graziano lost her 19-year-old son to cancer, a tsunami of grief poured over her, leaving her in a seething, inarticulate depression. Without a way to express her anguish, she says, the pain became unbearable. Then one day she heard a drum beat from a nearby meadow and felt an immediate, visceral response. Although she had never played any kind of drum before, she went right out and bought one’a djembe, an African drum. Some instinct told her that whatever she needed to heal, she could access by drumming. The first time she sat down and began to beat on the drum, she felt the naked ferocity of anger pouring through her hands. Over time, however, anger gave way to sadness, sadness to acceptance, and acceptance’eventually’to joy.… Read More


Brian D. Josephsona and Tethys Carpenterb Note: this material is subject to copyright restrictions and may not be used for for any commercial purpose without the permission of the copyright owner. If it is transmitted, copied or printed, then this notice, any other information herein relating to copyright, and author and publisher names, must be included in the derivative material (except for the case of brief quotes for the purposes of review or research).   ABSTRACT It is argued that purely perceptual or generative accounts of music are inadequate to account for its specificity, and that proper accounts of music must take into account also a more fundamental level of the mind (or of consciousness), a level we term the ‘aesthetic subsystem’. The latter constitutes a domain of universality and of meaning that acts in conjunction with more… Read More

Why We All Need To Be Listening To Classical Music

For most, by its nature, classical music is certainly among the easiest to listen to, yet not many of us choose to listen to it regularly in favour of our other favourite genres that many of us couldn’t imagine going a day without. Studies show, however, that we may want to listen to classical music more often when assembling our daily playlist as it has been shown to improve sleep quality and relieve symptoms of depression among other benefits. The Two Week Challenge Back in April of 2013 I felt inspired for a challenge after watching the film ‘Liberal Arts’ on Netflix. The plot of Liberal Arts is irrelevant to this article -although for those that are curious it centres around a college alumni who visits his alma mater only to fall… Read More