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Does your Mind Influence Your Autonomic Immune System?

Do we have to feel sick?  Do we have to feel cold?  Or do humans have the potential and ability to influence our immune system with the power of the mind? The immune system of a human being  is a system of many biological structures and processes within us that protects us against disease. Among other functions it is what regulates how our internal organs work. In theory, it operates unconsciously without any sort of input from our consciousness. February 24th, 2016, by Seth Leaf Pruzansky Conventional scientific thought has long said that we can not choose to influence our immune system or our autonomic nervous system. According to this school of thought, the body does what it does and our mind is only along for the ride. But what if we could… Read More

Tibetan Fire Rites

The Rejuvenation Vortexes Seven Fire Vortexes Vortex “A” is in the forehead above the eyebrow. Vortex “B” is in the posterior part of the brain. Vortex “C” is in the throat, the base of the neck. Vortex “D” is on the right side, about where your waist is. Vortex “E” is right at genital level and is in the reproductive anatomy, and is directly connected to vortex “C”,  in the throat Vortex “F” is in the right knee cap. Vortex “G” is in the left knee cap. Tibetan healers work with the seven primary Life Forces of the body. These are located in the interior of the body. They are vital sources of our well being and need to have attention and care given to them. We are given the wisdom of… Read More