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Benefits of Meditation for the Elderly

Meditation is an age-old practice that has been used to quiet the mind and attain a higher spiritual experience. In the recent past, new findings show that meditation is beneficial to the elderly in a number of great ways. More and more doctors now believe that meditation is one of the best tools for mental, emotional and physical health of the elderly. Here, we look at the top five Benefits of Meditation for the Elderly: Improves Memory Meditation activates the hippocampus and the frontal lobe areas of the brain, which serve the role of maintaining both long term and short term memory. Continuous meditative exercise means a better long and short term memory recall that includes retrieving long lost memories. Meditation also affords the elderly a renewed ability to store new memories… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Meditation

“It’ll change your life!” my trendier friends say. For the past year, they have been urging me to meditate. “Not my thing,” I answer. I’m not good at Zen—I’m good at running late to an appointment as I fire off five texts. But after a particularly chaotic week in which I reeled from work crisis to kid crisis—feeling panicky, my mind whirring nonstop—I decided to try it out. It’s not like meditation has any weird side effects or causes injuries. It doesn’t require any gear (like my failed cycling venture) or an expensive trainer. So why not give it a go? Although I couldn’t care less about being on-trend, meditation is having a moment. Katy Perry reportedly does a 20-minute session every morning (“the only time my mind gets absolute rest”). Hugh… Read More

How Life Challenges can Help You in Getting a Positive Mind Set

We all come across varying struggles in our lives.Though it may not be that complicated, we use to encounter a great deal of difficulties even from our childhood.And the levels of trials get harder as we mature, becoming either more painful, traumatic, or more complex than we anticipated. Unlike a simple or even a complex mathematical problem, our life’s dilemmas are entirely different.   It can either make us or break us.  Worse, it might even destroy us totally if we do not know how to handle them. In every adversity that you encounter, how do you take it?  How do you manage yourself not to be thrown by these predicaments? Do you cry often? Awkward it may seem, but would you laugh about it? Well, you could probably tell me that it… Read More

Importance of Meditation in Sports

Sports are about action. If its athletics, we just want to see the athlete in the track and hear the fired shot from the gun and see the race begin. If it’s on a football field we just want to hear the referee blow his whistle to signify the beginning of a football match. Most of us are interested with the action that sports erupts and are oblivious of the preparation and the mental state that needs to be harnessed in the backstage . Meditation in sports is equally important as the sport itself. It’s not only important to win a game, but it’s equally important that you harness the required mental capacity to win the game. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that as a sportsman meditation only works to steal… Read More

Meditation and Panic Attacks

You may have experienced panic attacks, cold sweats and chills while speaking in front of a crowd or some social situation. Although the origin and the causes are unknown, it is doubly as common in females as it is with men.  A typical panic-prone person worries a lot, entertains fearful thoughts and emotionally responds to  negative images in his mind.  He is controlled by negativity instead  of being in control of it. There are many cures available for panic attacks, mostly anti-depressants that are chemically formulated.  Is there an effective cure that is non-chemical and natural?  Well,  there is and it is called meditation.  Meditation is  just putting the body and mind at ease.  It involves mental exercise that commonly involves sitting comfortably and quietly while, focusing on some external or internal… Read More

Meditation Can Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode

Waking Times Video – More studies continue to surface proving that a regular meditation practice will reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and even help with the most debilitating mental disorders. Dan Harris explains the neuroscience behind meditation and makes some strong predictions about the role that meditation will play in society over the next few decades. Whichever method you choose to practice, just remember that it takes a daily commitment to perfect and see true benefits of meditation, although it isn’t magic and it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself floating into the cosmic ooze while meditating. The benefits will be subtle at first, but over time more and more noticeable. ~~ Help Waking Times to raise the vibration by sharing this article with the buttons below… The post Meditation Can Hack Your… Read More

Meditation for Students

Meditation makes you an excellent student.  Today, most students are faced with the alarming rise of classroom stress arising from various causative factors such as demanding academic achievement standards, social anxiety & depression and school violence. Schools and students can take advantage of the immense benefit of meditation to help the students get better grades and be better students. Here is how meditation can benefit students in high school and colleges: Improved Concentration Frequent meditation exercises can help students concentrate better and have more mental focus. Young adolescents and college-going students may easily get bored and may have difficulty concentrating on certain classroom tasks and homework. But with increased relaxation and regular ease of mental pressure that comes with mediation, students can develop greater alertness and resistance to the physical effects of… Read More

Meditation for the Family

Why is Meditation for the family important? Perhaps families should take more keen attention on meditation and how it can Foster positive relationships in the family. Meditation today is something that is rarely exercised because of the rapid change in lifestyles that leaves no room for retreating and relaxing and hence meditation. There is need to pause and recollect ourselves in the midst of a busy lifestyle that has the toll of budgets, deadlines, expectations duties, deadlines, etc . Importance of meditation for the family Meditation for the family today will help in fostering the mental and physical health of the children and the parents together as a unit. You have probably heard of many instances of family complaining of back pains after work, after school. Different members arrive at home some… Read More

Meditation in Pregnancy

Meditation in pregnancy seems like and odd activity to indulge in especially in this time and age where life is moving very fast .Whereas the issues of life must go on, it’s important as a pregnant woman to retreat and think about the wonderful creation you are carrying from within and yearn to offer it much deserved attention that accords to it. You may think it’s odd to set some time, maybe looking for a meditation instructor to engage you  in meditation skills while you are pregnant but studies have shown that Advantages of meditation in pregnancy are transmitted from the mother to the child in the womb and the benefits may be Biological or psychological . Advantages of Meditation in Pregnancy Biological Advantages Enhances the quality of prenatal and perinatal health… Read More

Meditation Postures

Meditation is an age-old practice that helps give you clear focus, sense of purpose and deep inner peace. With daily practice, meditations can have a profound impact on your life. One often realizes over time a special sense of peace and calm you feel during meditation and which you carry over into your everyday life at home, at work or while in traffic. With greater levels of inner peace and calm, meditation keeps you more grounded and centered throughout the day. So how do you get started? Choose a quiet spot and try out these meditation postures. Kneeling Meditation This technique of meditation was popular ancient Egypt and is still practiced in Japan where it is called seiza. To meditate on a kneeling position you will need some cushioning to help ease… Read More