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How to build a Knidos Labyrinth with Bark Mulch

by Erwin How to do that should be clear theoretically. It was posted  earlier on this blog. But if you do not remember any more or would like to look once again: the posts below are recommended. The labyrinth here has a dimension between axes of 50 cm, the center should get a diameter of 2 m, the central square also has sides of 2 m length, the whole diameter will thereby be 9 m. We first stake off the 5 mean points on which later literally everything turns. The 5 mean points The marked 5 points Then the internal and a little more complicated parts are “built”: strewn with bark mulch. These are all parts which are lying within a triangle formed by the 5 marked points. Thus a cake piece… Read More

How To Build A Labyrinth

Is there an easy way to determine the dimensions of the sides of an octagon for our canvas? To make an octagon you want to cut off the corners, but how much to cut? The answer is .2929 times the side of the square. So, in this case, if the material is 20 feet, that’s 240 inches. Multiply that by .2929 and you get 70.296 or slightly more than 70 and 1/4 inches. Measure that amount in both directions from the corner, draw a line to the marks and cut it off. Should be very close. This assumes, of course, that your material is square. If not, first measure to make the square and then follow this advice. Then, before cutting, measure to see that the sides are indeed equal. If not,… Read More