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‘Higher Self’


MEETING YOUR HIGHER SELF PREPARATION: Pictures of angels or saints; magenta (RED/BLUE) coloured square of material or paper; quartz crystal; calm music. We recommend that you begin and end each lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results. HIGHER SELF Your Higher Self is an angelic Life Force which is represented on the many Higher Chakric Layers or Levels. It is an infinite Consciousness that is connected to you, by an invisible silver chord. It is the greater, more perfected part of you that does not incarnate. Contacting and developing a relationship with your Higher Self is one of the most important stages in your spiritual and psychic development Higher Self is the expanded… Read More

Hilarion Melchior

The following information delves more deeply into the nature of this work. It is for those of you who enjoy word pictures to go along with a non-linear, multidimensional process. Music, sound, modulation, frequencies and vibration are fundamental elements emanating “beyond” and through the core level subatomic of this level of reality. We are energy beings composed of various frequencies that mesh together to form the matter that we call the human body. A much larger part of who we are exists in the non-visible, etheric realm of energy. What we know to exist in the realm of 3D reality also exists in higher octaves of Light. These interpenetrating layers from the physical to the etheric and beyond reach out into the Universal Oneness and connect us to All That Is. These… Read More