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‘Biological Dentistry’


The following was originally published in: Health & Happines: A Newsletter for Better Living Volume 4: No. 2 By Gerald H. Smith, D.D.S. – Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA A new era in dentistry is rapidly emerging as a result of the process of intelligent evolution. The transition between the purely mechanical phase (drill and fill) to the highly evolved biologic phase of dentistry has occurred slowly (over the past 150 plus years). As dentistry moves into the 21st century, it is providing a coupling of high tech materials, integration of techniques, and diagnostics with scientifically based research.   Dentistry logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Biologic dentists are focusing on biocompatible materials and their influence on the immune system, nutritional support for maintaining oral health, focal oral infections from root canaled and bone sites from… Read More