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Your Astrological Signs: The Lessons of Karma and the Responsibility and Maturity of the Soul

by Stephen Poplin, M.A.   Each sign needs to express a theme and/or perspective, which is “important for the individual within a society to admit or to” recognize. If it–this theme–is integrated, it will make an obvious and positive impact. If not, it will be felt as an incomplete aspect of self, an unfulfilled wish or potential for the individual. The mature soul should recognize the cause and effect factor, Karma, and that reaping follows sowing. Effort is needed in order to get the “return.” The immature soul will want–and even demand–the effect or reward without considering the cause or effort necessary to create or earn it. This is somewhat like the lottery hopefuls–waiting for their “reward;” or even the religious, waiting to be saved with little or no exertion towards conscious evolution… Read More