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Acupuncture Gives Hope For PTSD, Surgery & People In Battle

With acupuncture having roots in Chinese medicine going back over thousands of years, it seems silly to choose such a title for this article. However, in the twenty-first century it appears that the United States is only beginning to consider the many benefits that acupuncture has to offer. All too often, the mainstream view of acupuncture is that of a complementary treatment – one which holds an inferior position to chemical drugs and pharmaceutical treatments. Yet most licensed acupuncturists can attest to the fact that their craft is key to maintaining and improving health. Among the many health challenges facing Western medicine, post-traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.) and chronic pain stick out as sad reminders of our failing medical system. Chronic pain is the number one cause of adult disability in the United States, affecting an estimated 100… Read More

The Power Of Using Acupuncture As A Preventative Medicine

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing a significant transition as large portions of the population are now looking for wellness solutions that are proactive and forward-thinking.  For far too long, medicine in the West has relied upon a reactive model of treatment, one that offers relief after an ailment has occurred and already affected quality of life.  This shift in perspective is becoming quite prevalent; an example is currently being seen within the options presented by insurance providers.  These companies are now beginning to cater to their customers’ preferences for alternative medical options—something that was unheard of in the past. Can Acupuncture Be Used As Preventative Medicine? Over the past ten to twenty years there has been a considerable rise in the popularity and notoriety of alternative medicine—specifically acupuncture, which is… Read More