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The angels presented here might be considered “traditional angels”. Most of these angels have been known to human spirits for a very long time. If an angel embodies certain qualities you seek, it can be helpful to invite that angel into your meditations and request their assistance and guidance on your journey. This is by no means a complete record of the angels. There are hosts of angels yet unnamed. Every visible and invisible thing in this world is in the charge of an angel.

Angel of Faith
Abdiel is first mentioned in the Bible where
Abdiel is a mortal and resident of Gilead.
He is said to be the angel who remains faithful
to God during the rebel of the angels in heaven
He forces out the rebel angels and attacks Satan
himself with a “mighty sword stroke.”

Angel of Independence
This angel holds dominion over the sun sign Sagittarius.
He inspires independence and honesty.

Angel of Fire
One of two throne angels. He is referred to as both
a heavenly angel of the Assyrians and a fallen angel

Angel of Youth
Afriel encourages newness and exploration,
offering guidance to those who dare new thoughts.
He inspires our spirits with hope, promise and a
belief in the ideals of youth.

Angel of Communications
Ambriel is affectionately guiding the human race
toward a consciousness of inner truth. Traditionally
Ambriel is a protective angel

Angel of Truth
Amitiel is responsible for assisting with realizing the various levels of truth. She encourages us to find the truth in our desires and experiences and to use these truths as learning experiences rather than to be in denial.

Angel of Romantic Love
Anael influences love, passion and romance. Also
traditionally considered to hold dominion over the
element of air and an angel of health and life.

Angel of Fertility
Anahita is a female angel whose reverence is to keep
the earth and all of nature fruitful. She grants fulfillment
so that we may harvest the dreams that we have worked hard for.

Angel of Prosperity
Anauel holds dominion over success and prosperity. She inspires
a willingness to gladly share our wealth with others.

Angel of Grace
Ananchel means “grace of God”, and she is here to offer us the experience of an open heart allowing the love of God to pour in. She awaits to bathe us in a state of ecstasy, when every cell in our body sings praises to God and every thought is turned Homeward in thanksgiving. Ananchel provides the state of grace which allows the angels to fill us with love, inspiration, wisdom and rapture. Ananchel assisted the Archangel Gabriel when Mary was visited and provided with the remembrance of her mission by surrounding Mary with a state of grace.

Angel of Destruction
This angel is considered a heavenly and fallen angel. His
name means “destroyer”. He said to be the angel who watches
over the opening of hell’s pit, waiting for Satan, so he may
seize, bind and throw him into the bottomless pit.
He was overthrown by Uriel and Raphael in combat.

Angel of Nature
Meaning “lion of God”, he is among the seven angels who rule
the waters and is called “Earth’s great Lord.” He assists
Raphael in the cure of disease. In Gnostic lore, he is an
angel of the winds.

Angel of Truth
An angel who instills truth, goodness and
wisdom to the human heart.

Angel of Patience
Dominion angel over the sign of Taurus. Inspires patience, practicality
and physical comfort.

Angel of Moderation
Baglis encourages harmony in our lives and develop inner power
and the self-discipline we need to overcome addictive habits.

Angel of Forgiveness
This angel grants unconditional forgiveness and help to overcome
jealously and resentment.

Angel of Good Fortune
An archangel of the order of Seraphim, his name means
“lightening of God.” He opens our hearts to playfulness
and lightheartedness.

Angel of Goodness
A female angel who inspires prosperity and integrity.

Angel of Compassion
This angel holds dominion over the sun signs of Scorpio
and Pisces. He encourages more compassion and
inner strength.

Bath Kol
Angel of Prophecy
Her name means “heavenly voice”, she inspires the gift
of clairvoyance and encourages truthful communication.

Angel of Joy
Camael belongs to the order of Powers, his name means
“one who sees God.” This angel presides over beauty, joy,
and contentment. This angel appeared to Jesus
during his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Angel of Temperance
Cassiel is one of the princes of the order of Powers.
He is one of the rulers of the planet, Saturn, and associated
with Saturday. He is also known as the angel of solitude
and tears.

Angel of the Garden
Cathetel inspires humans to love, appreciate and attune to

Angel of Tolerance
Chamuel is considered to be an archangel, his name meaning he who seeds God. He inspires us to realize that we must first love ourselves, in order to love
others. He gently guides us to view our own shortcomings.

Angel of Harmony
Charmeine wraps a deep feeling of harmony around us like a
blanket of love from the Mother. She is charged with leading us
on the journey to harmony through self-love.

Angel of Silence
He inspires us to appreciate silence, the integrity to keep
secrets and to be a good listener. Traditionally believed to
protect the earth from floods and hurricanes.

Angels of Wisdom
These angels belong to the First Hierarchy in the order of
Angels. The meaning of their name,”one who prays” or “one
who intercedes.” They are the angels that were placed by
God to guard the gates of Eden to prevent Adam and Eve
from returning. They are the keepers of sacred wisdom.

Angel of Liberation
He inspires us to rely upon our own intuition. Guides us
through struggles of freedom of all kinds: spiritual,
creative, psychological and economic.

Angel of Learning
This celestial being is said to be the angel who taught
humans how to speak. He continually inspires us to
culturally evolve and fills our hearts with love of learning.

Angel of Silence
The angel of the stillness of death. Douma is also the tutelary angel
of Egypt, prince of Hell, and angel of vindication. The Zohar speaks of
him as having “tens of thousands of angels of destruction” under him, and as being
chief of demons in Hell, all charged with the punishment of the souls of sinners.
In Yiddish folklore, Douma is described as a thousand-eyed angel of death,
armed with a fiery rod or flaming sword.

Angel of Writers
Ecanus inspires writers with original ideas and encourages
them to complete their tasks.

Angel of Inward Journeys
Traditionally believed to watch over and protect those who
travel by water. Guides us to retrieve insights from our
subconscious minds.

Angel of Innocence
By Jewish tradition, this angel is a guardian angel to new-born
children and to all who die at a young age. Also believed
to be the Angel who created the “Tree of Life.”

Angel of Invisibility
In occult lore, it is not indicated what rank Forcas once held in the angelic
hierarchy, or to what order he belonged; but he is a fallen angel. In Hell he is a renowned president or duke; and here he devotes his time to teaching rhetoric,
logic, and mathematics. He can render people invisible and restore lost property.

Angel of Astronomy
A great earl and president of the underworld in command of 36 legions
of spirits. He gives skill in astronomy and liberal arts and manifests in the
form of a heifer.

Angelic Messenger
Gabriel, an archangel and one of the two highest ranking angels in
Judeo-Christian and Islamic lore. Her name means “strength of God”.
She is a unique archangel in the sense that it is almost certain she
is the only female angel in the higher echelons, although some believe there are no female angels. Gabriel fosters joy, truth, justice and love. She grants wisdom in interpreting our dreams and visions.

Angel of Vibration
Galgaliel governs the Wheel of the Sun. Ezekiel mentions Galgaliel in his vision of God as wheels within wheels that accompany God everywhere. Galgaliel governs the vortex of energy and vibration. He has the sacred duty of assisting when we feel blocked by increasing the vibration around us until the barrier disintegrates.

Angel of Peace
Gavreel guides us when we need to make peace with our enemies.

Angel of New Beginnings
As an angel who holds dominion over the rising sun, she encourages
awakening and enlightenment.

Guardian Angels
Your Special Angel
An unseen hand, a guiding light, a specific angel is attracted and assigned to you. As your soul’s spiritual mother, she holds the blueprint of your perfection and knows how you can best evolve. She protects you and brings messages of inspiration. She cannot alter your personal free will, but is permitted to influence you toward your higher good. She stays with you throughout your lifetime here and is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging you on your path.

When Angels sense you need them
And Angels always do
They come, unseen, from everywhere
To help and comfort you.
They hover close beside you
Till all your cares are gone
Till they can see you’re ready
Once again to carry on.
Then some of them may fly away
And take their gentle touch
To other hearts that need
The love of Angels very much.
But one, at least, stays with you
As your constant friend and guide,
For GUARDIAN ANGELS never leave,
They’re always at your side.

Angel of Integrity
Haamaiah guides us to make ethical decisions and enlightens us
to the will to express our true selves and the courage to hear
and understand other people’s feelings.

Angel of Love
His name means “majesty or greatness of God”. He is the angel
assigned as gatekeeper at the second gate in heaven. This angel’s mission
is to awaken our memory of eternal love.

Angel of Kindness
Hael inspires art, beauty and kindness in mankind.

Angel of Dignity
Hamael presides over the sun sign, Capricorn, he encourages
persistence, practicality and a sense of dignity.

Angel of Logic
This luminous one presides over the sun sign of Virgo, and
aids us in increasing our abilities to think in an orderly
and logical manner

Angel of Miracles
Hamied is a glorious angel of such white that only his incredible eyes can be seen shining through. Hamied carries the essence of the Christ Light. He watches over us, waiting for opportunities to create a miracle in our life. His mission is to spark the memory of our divinity through his examples.

Angel of Harmonious Love
Meaning “grace or glory of God”, many believe Haniel to be
an archangel. He inspires us to be balanced in a
a loving relationship.

Angel of Knowledge
Harahel opens our hearts and minds to new ideas. A guiding
spirit who enlightens that knowledge is useless without wisdom
and that wisdom generates kindness and love.

Angel of Wild Animals
This angel protects the wild animals of the earth. Hayyel
teaches mankind that just as angels were created to watch
over humans, humans are to caretake and love animals.

Angel of Meditation
As an angel who inspires meditation, Iahhel watches over those
who seek a retreat from earthly pursuits in a responsible way.

Angel of Beauty
Her name means “beauty of God”. She helps us to recognize that everything that happens is divine, natural and beautiful in the eternal sense. Iofiel is here to help us experience a new depth of beauty. She assists us in attuning with our eternal self so that we may express the harmony that is our unique reflection of God.

Angel of Nourishment
Isda provides nourishment for physical, emotional
and spiritual fulfillment.

Angel of Song
This celestial being being holds dominion over music, inspiring
music and feelings of new hope and embodying the creative word of God.

Angel of Judgment Day
Considered one of the four archangels of Islam, the angel who will
blow the horn on Judgment Day. Also an angel of music.

Angel of Health
Also an Islam archangel, this angel brought God a handful of dirt
with which to create Adam.

Angel of Manifestation
Jamaerah is responsible for assisting us in achieving our heart’s desires.
He opens up space for our visions to manifest in reality.

Angel of Presence
Regarded as a mediator and considered to be “the angel who holds the
Leviathan in check.” Jehoel is the chief of the order of seraphim.

Angel of Enlightenment
Some belief Johpiel to be an archangel. This angel inspires us toward
awareness, enlightenment, open-mindedness and freedom of thought.
He teaches our consciousness to discover the Light within.

Angel of the Moon
Meaning “star of God”, Kakabel is a powerful angel in charge of the
stars and constellations. Considered by some as a holy angel and by
others as a fallen angel.

Angel of Water
This angelic benefactor holds dominion over the art of finding water
with divining rods

Angel of Conception
Lailah is the angel of the night in Jewish legend. She is in charge of
conception and is appointed to guard spirits at their birth. Another legend
states that she fought for Abraham when he battled Kings.

Angel of Inventions
Liwet is a special friend of mortals who have original ideas, this celestial guides,
inspires and encourages individuality and uniqueness.

Angel of Self Discipline
Maion inspires self discipline, maturity and
the ability to work hard.

Angel of Courage
This angel presides over the sun sign, Aries, and blesses us with special
protection and blessings. Inspires enthusiasm, adventure and liveliness.

Angel of the Oceans
This celestial being protects and guides the animals, fish and plant life that
dwell in the sea. He encourages us to get in touch with our deep inner wisdom
which some refer to as a psychic ability.

Angel of Peace
This heavenly being is the chief angel of the order of virtues. In angelic lore
he is considered a celestial virtue of great grace whose function in heaven is like
the one Christ has on earth.

Angel of Thought
His name literally means “the throne beside the throne of God.” He is considered one of
the most important archangels who led the children out of Israel and also stopped Abrahamfrom sacrificing his son, Isaac. Metatron helps us communicate with God and brings God’spresence to us and opens up our hearts in order to better receive this guidance. Responsible for supervising the Akashic Records, a special archive where all our thoughts and deeds are recorded upon a screen of mental essence.

Angel of the Divine Plan
Micah watches over spiritual evolution, seeking every opportunity to reveal
God’s Divine Plan and reveal the next steps of our life purpose.

Angel of Miracles
Michael is an archangel who strengthens the spirit during difficult times or dangerous situations. His name means “he who is like God” and he is the chief over the dominion order of virtues, angel of repentance, righteousness, ruler of the fourth heaven and conquerer of Satan. It is commonly believed that Michael was the angel that Moses communicated with in the burning bush and that he also saved Daniel from the lion’s den. He inspires truth, patience and love in the human heart. In Roman Catholic tradition, Michael is considered to be the patron angel of policemen, guiding and guarding them as they protect us. He is also thought to be the one who gently leads our souls to heaven.

Angel of Loyalty
As an angel of loyalty and fidelity, Mihael guides us to grow with these virtues, and leads us to friends who are trustworthy and loyal.

Angel of Friendship
This angel serves humanity by granting platonic love, friendship and companionship. He encourages us to heal friendships that have gone astray. Also responsible for bringing people together who have similar life aspirations.

Angel of Longevity
Mumiah is traditionally believed to grant
health, vigor and longevity.

Munkir & Nakir
Angels of Justice
Munkir and Nakir are two blue-eyed black angels found in Muslim tradition.
Their special job is to examine the souls of the recently departed to
determine if they are worthy of a place in paradise.

Angel of Emotions
As an angel who holds dominion over the sun sign of Cancer , she encourages
awareness and the ability to get in touch with our deepest feelings.

Angel of Fire
Nathaniel means “gift of God”. He is lord over the element of fire, a powerful gift from God. He is constantly watching for spiritual fires of aspiration rising from earth. He transfers the fire aspect of divinity to our world where it transforms consciousness from the limited self to the eternal self by burning away misconceptions that would have us believe that we are separate from God.

Angel of Just Causes
Some consider this heavenly being as an archangel, he is protective
of those who struggle for justice and for the rights of those who can not
defend themselves, such as children and animals. Inspires empathy in our

Angel of Freedom
Nisroc is known as “the great eagle”. Carried on his wings of truth,
we find the freedom to reveal our Eternal Self.

Angel of Oneness
Considered to be an archangel by some, Omniel grants mortals the ability
to experience a feeling of oneness with all life. This unifying angel
links us with all living things, allowing us to communicate easily with
all of nature and the heavenly realm.

Angel of Communication
This angel is God’s messenger who offers love and guidance as we progress on our journey. He often acts as an intermediary, bringing remembrance of our spiritual destiny, and his desire is to assist in the quest for truth. He enhances communication with family members through love and peace. He helps us to recognize our true feelings and communicate these in a positive manner.

Angel of gratitude
This angel is charged with bringing that glorious feeling of gratitude to us, which expands our awareness and opens us to receive further blessings.

Angel of the Forests
This luminous one safeguards the wilderness and encourages us to protect
the wild areas of the earth.

Angel of Vision
This angel guards the veil between our world and the heavens, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between awareness and illusion. Paschar sees the beauty of the visions in God’s heart and projects these into our consciousness for manifestation.

Angel of Success
An archangel, this bright messenger grants success and victory. He encourages
our hopes and dreams.

Angel of the Moon
Guardian of the seventh heavenly hall. In ancient Hebrew charms, Qapfsiel is
invoked to drive away enemies.

Queen of Angels
Regina Angelium
In Catholicism, the queen of angels is the Virgin Mary. In the cabala, it is
the Shekinah; in gnosticism, the Pistis Sophia.

Angel of God
Raguel is an archangel who oversees the good behavior of other angels, his
name meaning “friend of God.” He is also said to be an angel of earth, a
guardian of the second heaven and is the one who brought Enoch to the heavens.

Angel of Thunder
He is considered both a heavenly and fallen angel.This angel is in charge of
the souls that come up for judgment on the last day. Ramiel is regarded as
the presider over true visions and is the angel who interprets Baruch’s vision. In the female form she is also regarded as the angel of joy.

Angel of Endurance
This heavenly being holds dominion over mountains. He inspires inner strength,
stability and endurance.

Angel of Healing
This celestial being is traditionally known to be extremely healing to all living
beings, his name meaning, “divine healer.” Besides healing, this angel grants mortals
many gifts, among them joy, love, grace and creativity. He encourages self-motivation
in becoming who we are meant to be. Besides being ruler of the angels of healing, Raphael is considered regent of the sun, chief of the order of virtues, governor of the south, guardian of the west, ruling prince of the second heaven, guardian of The Tree of Life in the garden of Eden and an angel of prayer, love, joy, and light. He belongs to the order of cherubim, the dominions, and the powers. He is said to be the friendliest and funniest of all the angels.

Angel of Judgment
According to the ancient Persian religion, Rashnu is the angel who stands at the bridge to heaven and passes judgment on those who may pass.

Angel of Mysteries
This archangel’s name means “God is my pleasure” and inspires us to accept the mystery as a beautiful part of life, so that our minds can shine forth with new and uplifting ideas. He is also known as the angel of knowledge. A Hebrew tradition tells that soon after Adam was driven from the Garden of Eden, he experienced illness. Raziel gave Adam as book listing all the medicinal herbs for curing every possible illness.

Angel of Respect
This angel inspires humans to respect their parents and the wisdom of age. He opens our eyes and hearts to realize that all those who came before us are older and wiser
than we are.

Angel of Awakening
Remliel is the angelic awakener whose goal is to bring us to God-consciousness and union with your Eternal Self. He supplies whatever we need to fight the battle between light and illusion, the flesh and the spirit. When we are ready for a spiritual awakening, our Guardian Angel calls to Remliel to watch over us during this period of purification and self revelation. Remliel provides the best conditions for our growth by helping us face the personal demons and illusions that have blocked us from experiencing God’s love directly. He is charged with directing the expanding of our mental body so that its currents and frequencies are all turned Godward.

Angel of Empathy
Rhamiel brings empathy, understanding, caring
and protection to mortals.

Angel of Water
As an angel who presides over water, we can appeal to this angel for
clarity of thought, purity and serenity of heart. This calming angel
grants tranquility to our minds and relieves fears and phobias.

Angel of Imagination
This divine being is an angel who holds dominion over imagination, to
visualize, thus transforming our own lives and the world around us.

Angel of Souls
Sammael is considered both an evil and good angel, he is known as the
chief ruler of the fifth heaven. He is known to be the angel sent by
God to carry the soul of Moses at the time of his death.

Angel of Power
Sandalphon is a great angel prince. He oversees the many powers given to the Seraphim including strength, abundance, beauty and the joy of living. Sandalphon provides wisdom and self-forgiveness in accepting our many gifts. He guides us through our life story to feel what we need to do in finding the fears and imbalances which prevent us from accepting our personal power.

Angel of Guidance
One of the seven archangels, his name meaning “God’s command”, he is
responsible for the lot of angels that violate God’s sacred ordinances.
Sariel is considered the prince of presence and an angel of healing.
This celestial being is associated with the skies and holds dominion
over the sun sign, Aries.

Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love
A female angel who always stays close to humankind, inspiring mortals to
be just and fair, bringing balance and harmony to our minds and spiritual being. Her name means “bride of the Lord” and she is charged with redeeming us from evil and leading us back to God so that we may be liberated and cleansed in the eternal light.

Angel of Gratitude
Shemael inspires feelings of gratitude and thankfulness, and by doing so, helps us
grow closer to all angels. He fills our hearts with serenity and love of life.

Angel of Purity
Shushienae is responsible for assisting us in achieving purity of body and mind by infusing us with her gentle, cleansing energy of love. She calls to the other angels at dawn to direct the flow of prana to nourish people, plants and animals, keeping them vibrant and protected.

Angel of Nature
Sofiel fosters a love of nature
in human hearts.

Soqed Hozi
Angel of Partnership
Soqed Hozi is the keeper of divine balances, holding the balance of feeling and truth in our lives through our partners. This angel inspires and energizes intimate relationships and provides insight and courage when tough decisions need to be made about these relationships.

Angel of Obedience
An archangel in Judeo-Christian tradition, the angel who set the world in motion,
and the angel who carries the soul away following death.

Angel of Self Determination
This perfect one presides over free will, self determination,
choice and alternatives. He inspires the ability to see and choose
creative alternatives.

Angel of Purification
We appeal to this illumined one when we need to purify or cleanse our spirits
or our surroundings of negative energy.

Angel of Wild Birds
This radiant angel holds dominion over wild birds, loving and safeguarding them.
He inspires us to open our hearts to love and appreciate the beauty and wonder
of birds.

Angel of Creativity
An archangel, his name meaning “fire of God.”This celestial being kindles artistic
fires in the mortal heart. Uriel is the patron angel of literature and music. He also
grants the gift of prophecy and therefore inspires our clairvoyant and psychic abilities.
He is the chief in the order of Seraphim and the order of Cherubim. Often identified as the angel who “stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword.”

Angel of Light
Also a cherub, his name means “illumination”. He is believed to possess the virtue of casting the fate of men.

Angel of Faith
Uzziel means the “strength of God” that manifest the gift of God’s essence and the power of faith in our lives. He desires to teach us to ignite the Ascension Attitudes of Love, Surrender and Gratitude. There is a story about Jacob wrestling with the angel Uzziel. Jacob was afraid for his life because Esau, a brutal man, was on his way to kill him. Jacob had a choice; he could find a clever solution as he had done many times before, or he could give up the struggle and surrender to God. All night Jacob fought the angel, symbolizing his spiritual battle, and came out of the struggle with a new name, claiming the power of his faith.

Angel of Peace
This angel presides over peace, filling our minds with tranquility and contentment.
He also inspires a sense of cooperation and calmness in conflicts within
our hearts. Considered an archangel, he awakens us with a feeling of complete
inner peace.

Angel of Affection
Verchiel presides over the sun sign, Leo, and offers the gifts of nobility and
affection. He grants us a generous heart and special protection.

Angel of Optimism
This angel encourages and inspires us to think positively and to maintain an
optimistic outlook on life.

Vohu Manah
Angel of Purity
His name meaning “good mind or good thought”, he is the principle Zorastrian angel.
This angel encourages pure thoughts.

Angel of Creation
Also known as Pistis Sophia. God orders Wisdom, on the sixth day of Creation,
to make man of seven substances. Wisdom is the assessor on God’s throne,
the divine agent by which all things were created.

Angel of Invention
One of the apostate angels, now a demon of the second rank. When Satan
and his angels rebelled, Xaphan joined them. Warmly welcomed because of his inventive
mind, he suggested to the rebels that they set fired to Heaven; but before the idea
could be carried out, Xaphan and his colleagues were hurled to the bottom of the abyss.

Angel of Divine Beauty
Also known as Yefefiah. The angelic prince of the Torah. Yofiel taught
Moses the mystery of the cabala. In Aramaic incantation texts, Yofiel
is one of the great archangels.

Angel of Surrender
Zacharael means “the remembrance of God”. He assists in letting go and receiving the will of God. He helps us to recognize that our attachments in our physical lives are temporary. His mission is help us learn not to be owned by material things, but to use them for our highest good.

Angel of Prayer
Zadkiel is an angel of charity, solace and gentleness. This loving angel radiates
comfort to those who are afraid, wounded or grieving. He also kindles a desire for
spiritual development in the human heart and is considered an archangel, governing over
the order of Thrones and Dominions. He is present in the bible as the angel who prevents
Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac to God. He guards the powers of invocation.

Angel of Wisdom
Zagagel is the angel of the burning bush who appeared to Moses and “led the flock along
the side of wilderness”. He is the chief guard of the fourth heaven and resides in the seventh heaven, the home of God. He teaches us how to listen and see inwardly.

Angel of Trees
This being of light protects and guards forests and trees. He inspires stability, protection, strength and longevity.

Angel of Harmony
An angel who holds dominion over the sun sign of Libra, he encourages us to be more harmonious, sociable and appreciative of beauty.

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