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4 Tips for Your First Yoga Class

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We are all very nervous at our first yoga class, not knowing what to expect.

When it all kicks off, it can be confusing: a strange language (Sanskrit), people who seem to know what they’re doing, suddenly we’re experiencing physical and emotional sensations which are kinda foreign to us, it’s all a bit more challenging than we expected, and there’s a lot to take in!

We’ve all been there, so here are some tips to help you enjoy your first yoga class.

4 Yoga tips for beginners

Here are a few tips to help with your first class:

1. Arrive Early

Check out the space, make yourself familiar with the area you will be practicing in.

Put your mat where you feel comfortable.

Some people prefer to be up at the front to see the teacher better while others prefer to hide at the back on their first class. Go with what feels right for you. Grabs any props you need (if you’re not sure either ask the teacher or grab one of everything!)

2. Chat to the teacher before class

They expect you to!

Don’t worry about feeling new or embarrassed or weird about it.

The teacher will appreciate knowing that this is your first class and they will probably want to know if you have any injuries or aliments prior to starting the class.

Ask any questions you have at the beginning of the class, it will make you feel more at ease.

3. Don’t push yourself

You know your body, trust it when it tells you to stop or slow down.

The practice is yours, not the person next to you, not the teachers, so make sure you listen to your body and breath. A good teacher will encourage a beginner to modify most poses and to not push themselves beyond their limit.

4. Don’t assume all classes are like this

It was a lot to take in, you need a little time to absorb what just happened before getting used to the class.

This is one teacher, there are many, and they are all different. If they are not what you were expecting, have no fear…try another. Likewise, if you like them stick with them and see where they take you.

Give the teacher feedback, whether it is constructive or complimentary, they will appreciate it. It can help them with other newbies who might come to their class.

The benefits of daily yoga practice

Remember, physicality is just one part of yoga.

And though it is a very crucial part, it is not the overall goal. When you start the physicality of yoga over time you will begin to notice the less tangible and arguably more beneficial aspects of the well-being. Aspects such as patience, calm, stillness in our otherwise manic lives.

But without a strong, calm and stable body, how can we expect the same from our minds?

So think twice when writing off yoga as ‘not a real workout.’

You may not sweat buckets or have a pounding heart when you walk out of class, but you’ll feel great, and you’ll have an added physical feature…a massive smile.